Wave Lance
Civilization: WaterWater
Card Type: Spell
Mana Cost: 3
English Text: ■ Choose a creature in the battle zone and return it to its owner's hand. If it has Dragon in its race, you may draw a card.
Japanese Text: ■ バトルゾーンにあるクリーチャーを1体選び、持ち主の手札に戻す。それがドラゴンであれば、カードを1枚引いてもよい。
Flavor Text: Even the ruler of the skies cannot best the waters. (DM-08)
空の王者も海には勝てぬ。 (DM-08/DM-18/DMC-16)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrator(s): Taro Yamazaki
Sets & Rarity:
Other Card Information:

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