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Water Civilization


The tower that houses the Ultracomputer
is easily the most prominent structure
of the Water Civilization.
Kanji: (Mizu)
Symbol: Watersmall / Water

The Water Civilization is a monocolored civilization that is distinguished by a blue color frame and is represented by a cylinder with an electronic design.


The Water Civilization focuses mainly on drawing cards, returning cards to the hand, and unblockable creatures.


The world of Water is half-land, half-sea. Inhabitants, who once lived only in water, have had to learn to adapt to both in their search for sustainable environments.

Because energy resources are more abundant there, cities are built in water. In spite of the oceanic depths, they are clean and bright, well lit by luminous bodies. At the center of the main metropolitan area is the Tower, shaped like a spiraling strand of DNA, where the Cyber Lords float in their cylinders. Surrounding the Tower are transparent buildings, constructed from solidified seawater that can be altered as necessary.

Although not common knowledge, the source of energy for this civilization is found in a hidden ocean current. Those that possess this secret knowledge make up a powerful few.

Inhabitants of the Water civilization worship technology. They prefer study and research to real action, and in wartime depend on strategies and tactics rather than direct attack. Controlled by Cyber Lords, many water creatures have a chip installed in their bodies. They communicate and exchange information telepathically. Those with higher intelligence are able to alter their body shape in response to the environment. They can also manipulate the seawater around them, transforming it into a weapon, armor, clothing, or transportation suitable for land or sea.

Interactions with the other civilizations

The Water Civilization is allied with the Light and Darkness civilizations.

The Water Civilization is enemies with the Fire and Nature civilizations.


Shared Races:

Unique abilities

  • Drawing cards
  • Complete unblockability
  • Returning cards to hand or deck
  • Seeing of shields and hand
  • Searching through deck
  • Changing shields
  • Creatures can't be attacked (shared with fire)
Civilizations of the Creature World
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Colorless Zero Zero
2 ColorAllied: DFFNLNLWWD
4 ColorLight Water Darkness Fire
5 ColorLight Water Darkness Fire Nature

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