• Q: I have 3 shields. My opponent attacks me with a creature that has "double breaker" and I don't block. This is the first shield his creature breaks and I want to cast it. What happens?
    • A: When your opponent's "double breaker" creature isn't blocked, you choose the first shield to break. You don't choose both shields now. (You'll choose the second one later.) You put the first broken shield into your hand. It's Volcanic Arrows, so you can use its "shield trigger" ability to cast it now. When you do that, destroy a creature (only creatures in the battle zone can be "desroyed".). Then you choose one of your remaining 2 shields and put it into your graveyard. After the spell is finished, your opponent chooses the second shield that his creature breaks. Watch out,because he does this even if you used Volcanic Arrows to destroy that creature! You have only one shield left now, so that is breaken, and goes to your hand.

Volcanic Arrows

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