List of Stub

A list of Article stubs and reasons why they are stubs.

Stub: Reason:
Boaroaxe Work in progress.
Continuous Effect Work in progress.
Destruction Replacement effect Work in progress.
Super Complete Card Guide Revolution Final Need promo images.
Errata Work in progress.
Fighting Spirit Saga Work in progress.
Forbidden Sonic Command No jpwiki link.
Idonaka Kaeru ANIME - Work in progress.
Jigoro Akagiyama ANIME - Work in progress.
Namekawa Namehiko ANIME - Work in progress.
Master Double Breaker No jpwiki link.
Resolution Work in progress.
Static Ability Work in progress.
Sprout Work in progress.


These pages are unfinished due to being unreleased and should be updated ASAP.

Unreleased Page: Note:
Neo Creature No jpwiki.
Neo Evolution No jpwiki.
Neo Evolution Creature Card with card type unreleased, no jpwiki.

Unreleased Races

Incomplete Cards

  • Any pages using the Translation should be in the currently unreleased sets, and will be updated as the set is released and images are available from dm-nabell.

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