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List of Reasons for why cards are in the Hall of Fame
Card Name Reason
Disabled cards
Galberius Dragon Meant to be a special card for a Duel Masters Game Boy Advance video game only. The physical card has a red back instead of the normal blue back. It's not overpowered or anything, though; just very good, even in today's meta.
Non-Japanese Duel Masters cards As the JP DM Wiki's article on disabled cards says, the reason is unknown.
Hyperspatial Premium Hall of Fame
Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Crimson Rage~ and Codename Sorge Crimson Sorge combo. That is all.
Premium Hall of Fame
Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves At first it got restricted because of its high usage Emperor Chirico decks. But nowadays it got way too strong in mana ramp decks, being able to easily cast spells such as Shrine of Rebirth, Seventh Tower, Intense Vacuuming Twist or Hyperspatial Green White Hole for free from the deck, or even get out Noble Enforcer for defense.
Aquan Mad draw, especially in LWD Hyperspatial control decks.
Aqua Patrol When combined with Last Avatar, Poseidon Dragon Spirit, puts all of the opponent's shields into the graveyard. The reason Last Avatar wasn't banned was because Aqua Patrol was worthless outside of this combo, so they figured nobody would miss it.
Cyber Brain Ridiculous draw power.
Emperor Chirico Chirico Dragon decks were the most consistently-winning deck archetype out there recently (although you can't say it was ruling the meta). Chirico can easily spam large and resilient creatures.
Dark Hydra, Evil Planet Lord Just plain powerful. Allowed players to easily regenerate their field from nearly nothing, and usually decided duels.
Future Slash Mill, as a strategy, is very powerful in Duel Masters, and can easily be broken. It's not that you just have 40 cards; it's that you remove 10 of them from the deck at the start of the duel, leaving you with 30. Also, Future Slash and its kin were able to remove specific cards from decks, disabling the opponent.
Hell Slash See Future Slash.
Hyperspatial Vice Hole

By the time of its banning, it was believed that it aided Acid Hyperspatial Control massively. Costing 1 less than Acid, Sacred Execution and being able to bring out two Kutt, Temporal Brawler for Acid's effect to kick in while getting rid of a possible removal spell of the opponent's made it a little too good. However, now we know that there were other reasons behind this decision.

Inferno Gate Easily reanimates huge creatures by turn 5, especially when teaming up with Dandy Eggplant and Slash Charger.
Lost Charger See Future Slash.
Skeleton Vice 2 random discards for such a low cost is powerful. There's a reason why Cranium Clamp exists (and even then, Kaijudo Portal and the Japanese found that to be too powerful). Magic Shot - Bullet Vice is a significantly nerfed version; while it can still discard 2 cards with cost 4, it's dependent on Knights and isn't random.
Soul Advantage Frequently used in control decks as a Lost Soul that costs 1 less. Apparently, making it cost 1 less made it a bit too powerful...
Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon Shield burn, speed attacker, and high power made it very hard to deal with. It was too effective a finisher.
Mad Romanoff, the Wicked God Was used in DFN Mad Romanoff beatdown to consistently cast Hyperspatial Shooting Hole and Hyperspatial Gotsusan Hole for Gaial Kaiser.
Crest of Mother Powerful mana manipulation card, but Cyber N World and Bolbalzak Ex were the last straw.
Cursed Totem Completely locks down shield triggers. Difficult-to-deal-with finisher.
Mother Earth Was once used with Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard to make ridiculous amounts of mana, then used the mana to burn off the opponent's mana. It was already quite powerful in the first place; Romanesk just made it incredibly overpowered.
Bolbalzak, Matchless Dragonmech Meta-dominating finisher. Caused the most degenerate meta in Duel Masters ever, in both Japan and worldwide.
Judgement of the Flame's Spear and the Water's Blade In WFN Bombazar decks, it killed opposing non-Bombazar aggressive decks and allowed one to draw off of their own Bronze-Arm Tribes and Poisonous Mushrooms. Since then, Sylvester V Sword, Explosive Taiga was released, which is less useful due to the meta around DM-38 Angelic Wars' time.
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia Easily locked down the opponent's creatures. Combined with Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia for a near-total lockdown.
The Door of Miracle and Mystery One of the bases of the Miramisu deck, which used cards like this, Hogan Blaster, and Mystery Cube to easily play fat creatures.
Hall of Fame
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Important part of many combo decks, including madness decks.
Hyperspatial Dravita Hole Simultaneously fetches low-cost spells and plays powerful light psychic creatures. The latter is powerful enough, and apparently attaching a spell recovery effect to it made it a bit too powerful.
Lucky Darts Easily casts Hyperspatial spells and Lost Soul on turn 1.
Mariel, the Prophet Low-cost one-man lockdown.
Mist Rias, Thunder Guardian Powerful light civilization draw in control decks. Comparable with Hustle Castle.
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality Powerful control finisher, because you simply can't kill the damn thing.
Positron Sign Miramisu.
Prince Avaraldo, Cavalier of Thunder Powerful draw in Hyperspatial control.
Rolan, the Oracle Seemingly powerful in Eureka Drain.
Aqua Hulcus Not really overpowered, as the existence of Qurian shows. They wanted to shift card-drawing effects to Cyber Lords and Cyber Viruses.
Aqua Melge It made graving in GT Riot decks too powerful, especially when combined with stuff like Kubrick, Spiral Accelerator.
Astral Reef For cost 2, you get a decent body and you draw 3 fucking cards. One of the most infamous cards in the early Japanese meta, and one of the first cards to enter the Hall of Fame.
Deep Operation Supposedly powerful card draw. In actuality, it isn't very powerful (although WotC certainly thought so). It hadn't been used often when it first entered the Hall of Fame, and it hasn't often been used now.
Emeral A long time ago, this card supported the use of Holy Awe in mono-blue beatdown decks.
Hogan Blaster One of the bases of the Miramisu deck, which used cards like this, The Door of Miracle and Mystery, and Mystery Cube to easily play fat creatures.
Hydro Hurricane Often used with Mist Rias, Thunder Guardian and Lord Reis, Spirit of Wisdom. These decks rapidly expanded their field with blockers, supported by Rias' card draw, and then casy Hydro Hurricane to deny the opponent their mana.
Orochi, of the Hidden Blade Combined with Galaxy, Temporal Immortal to make a combo deck.
Pacific Champion Ridiculously hard to deal with, especially with such a high power at a low cost. Not many evolution creatures and removal on turn 2...
Paradise Aroma Easily-summoned attacker in Cyber/Origin rush.
Parlock's Miracle Fever Ridiculously strong draw that aided IFormulaX-tra Win decks considerably.
Reincarnation Program Used to deck people out as well as to easily play powerful creatures with the likes of Aqua Strummer and Pulpy Goobie.
Spiral Gate Low-cost and versatility in Mono-Water rush. The eventual release of psychic creatures is also a likely reason.
Streaming Shaper Powerful draw in mono-Water beatdown decks.
Clone Vice One isn't much. Any Clone Vices after the first were a nightmare.
Devil Drain A key card in Eureka Drain decks.
Hanzou, Menacing Phantom Weakened the use of creatures with power 6000 or less.
Heavy, Dragon God High power for its cost, and very versatile. (No, Nerafim, it wasn't because of Chain.)
Inferno Sign Just plain useful as a reanimator card, especially in combination with cards that put creatures into the graveyard.
Moors, the Dirty Digger Puppet Cheap way to recover powerful creatures like Crossfire, Wicked Millionaire or 5000GT, Riot in graving decks.
Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect Easily played Beginning Romanoff, Lord of the Demonic Eye.
Vajra's Soul

I combined with one little guy and my mom got scared,

And said "You're moving to the Hall of Fame in Bel-air."

Come On Pippi Less versatile than Geo Crashing Miranda, the Dimensional Force, but the Faerie Gift and Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious combo is still there.
Infinity Dragon You thought one damn thing you simply can't kill was bad? Well, how about you apply that to all of your Dragons? (Note: This card was restricted on April 15, 2008, several months before Balzark "Fire Blast" Dragon came out in DM-30 Ultra Duel.)
Super Dragon Vajra Very difficult to deal with.
Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush Ever since its release, this guy has caused the most degenerate mana ramp fatty meta, as it was a very hard-to-deal-with finisher since fatty decks increased its owner's chance of winning Gachinko Judge and getting extra turns. Even one Onimaru "Head" might still be dangerous as it can win the game by itself, but at least its chances of being brought out by decks like Miramisu have been lowered.
Onishura, Golden Twins This and Savage Earth were an alternate way to bring out fatties quicker in Miramisu.
Colorful Dance Combos with Holy Land Rebirth to make lots of mana by turn 4 or 5.
Dandy Eggplant Many, many uses. Graveyard Evolution rush was likely the biggest reason Dandy Eggplant entered the Hall of Fame.
Gachinko Roulette In mana ramp fatty decks such as Miramisu or Kaiser "Demon Blade" it was highly versatile, making Gachinko Judge easier to win, and as such, being respammable.
Geo Crashing Miranda, the Dimensional Force Extremely versatile card, capable of grabbing a very, very wide range of psychic creatures. Also, combining it with Faerie Gift allowed a player to get Ryusei Kaiser, the Victorious out on turn 3, crippling the opponent severely.
Mystery Cube One of the bases of the Miramisu deck, which used cards like this, The Door of Miracle and Mystery, and Hogan Blaster to easily play fat creatures.
Mystery Hippo It caused many infinite loop combos.
Savage Earth This and Onishura, Golden Twins were an alternate way to bring out fatties quicker in Miramisu.
Seventh Tower Powerful card in mana ramp fatty decks, due to its Metamorph it is way stronger than Evolution Burst - Into the Wild.
Shrine of Rebirth High mana boost at a low cost (when combined with the likes of Bloody Cross or Emergency Typhoon).
Surprise Illusion Long before DMR-06 Episode 2: Victory Rush was released, this card was preemptively restricted because there was something in DMR-06 that could abuse it. Now we know.
Bolbalzak Ex Extremely abusable. If you have tons of mana, you can summon Bolbalzak Ex to make more mana. If you have multiple Bolbalzak Exes, you can spam them. If you have another card you want to play, you can play that and add a huge speed-attacking double breaker to your forces. And, well. Goemonkey made spamming creatures from your mana zone easy.
Hyperspatial Green White Hole Combined with Prin Prin, the Victorious made it way too versatile in many mana ramp decks.
Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar The engine of many 'One-Shot' decks. It was fine with Greatest Great, but with Shoegazer it was plain insane and highly abusable.
Kubrick, Spiral Accelerator Highly annoying removal in Outrage decks because that damn thing can get into the graveyard in too many ways.
Mil Armor, Mecha King Vizier Powerful in LWD Hyperspatial control due to it being both a cost reducer and a blocker.
Miraculous Plague Huge card advantage and tempo advantage.
Miraculous Snare Cheap removal in control decks. Is in the two colors that get the least removal.
Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard Very huge mana boost in Emperor Chirico decks. Before, it served as the main card in Romanesk Soulswap decks.

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