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Since Kaijudo Portal is gone, I have recorded Infinity Drive cards here.

All Infinity Drive cards retain the cost, civilization, and power of the original versions, so those stats will not be recorded here.

I'm guessing all of these were made by Bell, maybe with some input.

Unfortunately, some Infinity Drive cards have been lost to the sands of time, because they were only found inside the game and were not recorded in the forums around the time Kaijudo Portal shut down.

Super Rares

S1 Re Bil, Seeker of Archery

S2 Miar, Comet Elemental

S3 Ar Tropicora, Mechanic Emperor

S4 Chaos Fish

S5 Deathliger, Lion of Chaos

S7 Astrocomet Dragon

Accelerator This creature gains "Quattro breaker".

S8 Armored Cannon Balbaro

  • "O-KAY! I'm RE-LOADED!"

S9 Deathblade Beetle

S10 World Tree, Root of Life


2 Jet R.E, Brave Vizier

  • Uncommon
  • Exactly the same.
  • In a fluent motion he breaks down the enemy's defense and wards off an additional attack.


3 Raza Vega, Thunder Guardian


4 Bega, Vizier of Shadow

  • Uncommon
  • Exactly the same.
  • With his holy curse his enemy decays, and with his heavenly but demonic protection he defends his master.


5 Aless, the Oracle

6 Boomerang Comet

7 Alek, Solidity Enforcer

9 Poltalester, the Spydroid

11 Cosmic Wing

12 Chen Treg, Vizier of Blades

Tap You may choose up to 2 of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and tap them.
Tap Choose one of your opponent's creatures and tap it, then untap one of your creatures other than Chen Treg, Vizier of Blades V.
  • Training with its blade for many years has brought it a new devastating ability. Dual Wield.

13 Ur Pale, Seeker of Sunlight

15 Rayla, Truth Enforcer

  • Very Rare
  • When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take any number of spells whose total cost is 6 from your deck, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
  • "A barrage of power or a beam of purification! In the end, the enemy will fall before the truth either way!"

16 Hanusa, Radiance Elemental

  • Rare
  • Recharge—If you have any shields in your shield zone, choose one shield and turn it face up, then untap a number of mana cards equal to the cost of that card. If you have no shields, untap all cards in your mana zone.
  • "It seems that if I draw power from the shield system, it only makes them visible rather than deactivating them. This will be helpful."

17 Clearlo, Grace Enforcer

18 Sparkle Flower


19 Rise and Shine


20 Sonic Wing

21 Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian


23 Promephius Q

24 Aqua Agent

25 Aqua Bouncer

Metamorph {{{2}}} When this creature leaves the battle zone, you may choose a creature in the battle zone and return it to its owner's hand.
  • The Infinity Drive enhanced its power to the point where nothing gets past it anymore.

26 Aqua Vehicle

29 Aqua Master

30 Scissor Eye

32 Steel-Turret Cluster

Tap Choose one of your opponent's creatures with less power than this creature and return it to its owner's hand.
  • "I've been trying to figure out how the Drive enhanced its Hydrocannon for a whole 362 seconds now and made no progress. This is advanced stuff!" —Pokolul

35 Hazard Crawler


37 Splash Axe, the Aqua Savage

  • Uncommon
  • Exactly the same.
  • The breath of the wild and a super electro-brain create a miraculous fusion!


38 Twister Fish

39 Seamine

40 Clone Factory

  • Common
  • Choose a card in your mana zone and return it to your hand. Then, search your deck. You may take a card with the same name as that card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.

42 Tropico

43 Keeper of the Sunlit Abyss

44 Virtual Tripwire


45 Black Feather, Shadow of Rage

Tap Destroy one of your creatures. Then, you may search your deck for a creature that evolves from a Ghost and put it into the battle zone.
  • "Ghosts envy the living because they can feel. To help them cope, they constantly remind themselves that not everything the living can feel, is nice."

46 Baraga, Blade of Gloom

49 Creeping Plague

50 Poison Worm

51 Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief

53 Skeleton Soldier, the Defiled

54 Scheming Hands

  • Uncommon
  • Look at your opponent's hand and choose any number of cards from it. Your opponent shuffles those cards into their deck, then draws an amount of cards equal to the number of cards shuffled into the deck in this way minus one.


55 Jack Valdy, the Everlasting


57 Tentacle Worm

58 Masked Horror, Shadow of Scorn

59 Night Master, Shadow of Decay

60 Nightmare Invader

61 Hang Worm, Fetid Larva

Tap Search your deck. You may take a creature that evolves from Parasite Worms from your deck and put it into the battle zone on top of this creature. (It is put into the battle zone tapped.)

62 Swamp Worm

64 Mudman


67 Armored Walker Urherion

  • Common
  • While attacking, this creature gets +2000 power for each Human you have in the battle zone.
  • "A new war is upon us. Thousands will be slaughtered. Nations will be destroyed. Devastation will reign... Finally, time to enjoy myself!"

68 Artisan Picora

70 Kip Chippotto

72 Chaos Strike

73 Magnas, Electro-Knight

  • Uncommon
  • Exactly the same.
  • Man, Machine, Brain. When all of these become one, a new hero is born.

74 Pippie Kuppie

Tap Untap one of your Armored Dragons.

76 Kipo's Contraption

Tap Destroy one of your opponent's creatures whose power is equal to or less than this creature's power.
  • "Don't worry, I checked, it's perfectly safe as long as you stand behind it, preferably a hundred feet back." —Engineer Kipo

77 Fatal Attacker Horvath

81 Burning Power

82 Armored Warrior Quelos

82 Gaulezal Dragon

84 Überdragon Jabaha

85 Steam Rumbler Kain

87 Meteorage Lizard


89 Aura Blast

90 Ancient Giant


93 Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage

  • Uncommon
  • Exactly the same.
  • Drool from the first mouth enriches the soil, a roar from the second mouth makes the heart quake, and the last mouth crunches you.


94 Paradise Horn

  • Uncommon
  • When a player puts a multicolored card into their mana zone, they may untap it.
  • Power attacker +2000
  • Even when the Rainbow shattered and the avatars roamed the planet, the Paradise Horn kept a simple peace in its domain, welcoming all who would come.

95 Brood Shell

Tap You may return a creature from your mana zone to your hand. If you do, put the top card of your deck into the mana zone.

96 Whispering Totem


97 Animatrain, the Daring Beast

Accelerator Ignore all effects other than summoning sickness that would prevent this creature from attacking.


99 Mystic Inscription

101 Poisonous Dahlia

Silentskill Choose one of your opponent's creatures. Until the start of your next turn, that creature can't attack, untap, or block.
  • To give a Poisonous Dahlia to someone expresses your will to hold onto them forever...

102 Psyshroom

103 Cantankerous Giant

104 Carnival Totem

106 Storm Shell

108 Terradragon Anrist Vhal

Uncategorized Rarity

Loth Rix, the Iridescent

Tap You may put a Guardian in your hand into the battle zone for no cost.

King Coral


Tap Choose one of your creatures. This turn, it can't be blocked. If it is tapped, untap it.

Spark Chemist, Shadow of Whim

Wandering Braineater

Blaze Cannon

Bolshack Dragon

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