Tyranno Drake
Japanflag Japanese: ティラノ・ドレイク (Tirano Doreiku)
Released In: DM-19 Spectacle Nova
Civilization(s): Darkness / Fire
Japanese Wiki: 1921
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Tyranno Drake is a race of creature shared between the Darkness and Fire civilizations.


This race is introduced as part of the cycle of races during the Phoenix Saga.


They are the descendants of Dragonoids.

They mostly appear as a more or less humanoid dragon-like species. Their larval forms resemble humans with dragon-like features and only those who have the power can take the form of a Dragon-like creature. They are one of the few races of creatures in this game that have a definite female form.


Many of them have "Dragoon" in their name (dragon riders), and many of their evolutions have "Dragon Phoenix" (龍鳳) in their names.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Kira, of the Dragon Sound ■ You creatures that have Tyranno Drake in their race each cost 1 less to summon. They can't cost less than 1.
Flamenimal of Wildfire ■ Each of your Tyranno Drakes in the battle zone get +1000 power.
Shot Wheel of Meizrazen ■ Each of your Tyranno Drakes in the battle zone get "power attacker +3000".
Suza of Gale ■ Each of your Tyranno Drakes in the battle zone gets "speed attacker".
Sag Panel of Eradication ■ Each of your Tyranno Drakes in the battle zone get "slayer".
Kemprar of Poisoned Fog ■ Whenever one of your Tyranno Drakes win a battle, you may return a creature from your graveyard to your hand.
Raptor Dragoon ■ While you have a Brave Spirit in the battle zone, all your Tyranno Drakes and Brave Spirits can't be attacked.
Tauros, Battle God ■ When this creature or one of your creatures that shares a race with this creature attacks your opponent and isn't blocked, during this turn that creature breaks an additional shield.
Tyranno Link Nova Sympathy: Tyranno Drake and Brave Spirit (This spell costs 1 less to cast for each of your Tyranno Drake and Brave Spirit creatures in the battle zone. It can't cost less than 1.)

Your opponent adds all of their shields to their hand (Opponent can use the "Shield Trigger" abilities of these cards.)

Roubanrei of Impact ■ Whenever one of your Tyranno Drake or Brave Spirits attack, destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has "blocker".

Creatures that evolve from Tyranno Drakes:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Asteroid Gauss, Flame Comet Vortex evolution
2x Tyranno Drake, Brave Spirit, and/or Armored Dragon.
Asteroid Luxus, Shower of Light Vortex evolution
2x Dragon, Fire Bird, or Tyranno Drake.
Bolgalshack, Super Divine Dragoon 1x Dragon or Tyranno Drake.
Dolzabard, Superior Dragonic Phoenix 1x Tyranno Drake.
Dorambeak, Violent Dragon Phoenix 1x Tyranno Drake.
Dragforce, Battle Phoenix Dragon 1x Tyranno Drake.
Dragirias, Explosive Dragonic Phoenix 1x Tyranno Drake.
Dragrunder, Thunderous Dragonic Phoenix 1x Tyranno Drake.
Dran Gileos, Nine Divine Dragoons 1x Zombie Dragon or Tyranno Drake.
Drazalk, Prisoned Dragonic Phoenix 1x Tyranno Drake.
Shining Nova, Dragon Flame Phoenix 1x Tyranno Drake.
Supernova Black Hole Thanatos Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Grand Devil, Tyranno Drake, Deep Marine and/or Brave Spirit
Supernova Ixion Burning Rave Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Armored Dragon, Tyranno Drake, and/or Brave Spirit.
Supernova Mars Disaster Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Tyranno Drake, Dreammate, and/or Human.
Supernova Pluto Deathbringer Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Death Puppet, Grand Devil, and/or Tyranno Drake.