• Titus, King of the Gods refers to Titan Andronicus which may be Shakespeare's earliest tragedy; it is believed to have been written in the early 1590s. It depicts a Roman general who is engaged in a cycle of revenge with his enemy Tamora, the Queen of the Goths.
  • The four King of Gods is in reference to tragedies that Shakespeare wrote.
"King of Gods"
Civilization(s): Fire / Nature
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost: 18
Race: God / Origin
Effect: ■ Double Breaker

■ This creature cannot be blocked or attacked by Light creatures.

■ This creature cannot be blocked or attacked by Dark creatures.

Power: 14000
  • If all four of the gods link in the same turn, it becomes instead a 18000 quattro breaker creature that cannot be blocked or attacked by light or dark creatures, puts a God from your mana zone into the battle zone, destroys 2 creatures with power 2000 or less, and puts 2 cards from the top of your deck into your mana zone.

Titus, King of the Gods

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