The Temple is where most of first season of the Duel Masters Anime is featured.


The Temple is located in the Junior Duelist Center headquarters and is one of the oldest Duelist Centers.

In the first season it was used by the Master for his personal revenge on the creatures who had physically scarred his face. He began to use Hakuoh for his own ends training him to become a Kaijudo duelist. He then planned "The Temple Tournament" in which he invited all potential Kaijudo duelists including Shobu and Kokujo.

The tournament had 3 different stages. The first stage was to answer 3 dueling riddles asked by Fritz. After this quiz access to the temple was granted.

The second stage was to obtain 50 Duel Tokens. Each duelist owned a token each, and must forfeit them on their loss.

At the third stage, members of the White Soldiers were used as Temple Guardians. Each of the 4 guardians (Mikuni, Mimi, Benny Haha and Makoto Aizen) had to be defeated in order to pass through.

After defeating each of the temple guardians, the duelist is allowed to duel against Hakuoh in a Kaijudo duel.

At the end of the Sacred Lands season and Duel Masters Charge season of the Anime there were Black Soldiers who had all those duelist who tried to defeat Hakuoh in the Temple but they all lost. They all came back for there revenge at Duel Masters Battle Arena Tournament.

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