タップ (Tappu)


Japanese Wiki: 759

Tap or Untap is a keyword action.


It's the process of turning a creature or card in your mana zone sideways to the right in a 90 degree angle.

Tapping a card shows that it has been used for the turn. Creatures are normally tapped when they are used to attack or use their tap abilities or block any attack. Only tapped creatures can be attacked under normal circumstances.

Mana is usually tapped to pay for the cost of summoning a creature, casting a spell, generating or crossing a cross gear, or for other effects. Multicolored cards are placed in the mana zone already tapped, and so cannot be used in the same turn they are placed there.

If you evolve over a tapped creature, the evolution creature remains tapped.

Untapping a creature or card in your mana zone means to turn it straight. Untapping your creatures and mana is always done at the start of your turn before you draw, and players cannot choose to not untap their creatures and mana unless an effect like Silent Skill or Freeze says so.

Associated Categories

  • For cards that allow you to tap your opponent's creatures, see Creature Tapper
  • For cards that allow you to tap your cards in the mana zone instead of attacking, see Tap Ability