サブタイプ (Sabutaipu)
Japanese Wiki: 8166
Category for Cards that have a Subtype.

Subtype is a gameplay characteristic.


It is generally written in a smaller font under the Card Name. Those without notation, are cards without a subtype.

If a creature has a subtype, it is known as a race. Besides creatures, spells and cross gear may also have a subtype.

  • For example, spells have Knight and cross gear have the Samurai subtype.

As a rule, a creature always has a race. However each of the other cardtypes such as castle, weapon, fortress or cell have never had a subtype printed on them.

Previously when a subtype was listed under the card name of a spell or cross gear, it was also known as a race, but in the Duel Masters General Game Rules released in July 2015, it was noted that it is only a race when listed on a creature, and is otherwise a subtype.

Nevertheless, the effect text of Universe Lapia seems to ignore this, by giving the "Phoenix race" to each of your cards in your mana zone, deck, graveyard and in the battle zone. There are no cards that explicitly mention "subtype" in their text.

  • This card also shows that all other card types; castle, weapon, fortress, impulse, and field (other than core and cell) can have the Phoenix subtype.