• Stratosphere Giant was the creature that ended Ballom's reign, by stepping on him and therefore squashing him with his foot.
  • According to its name, this giant is likely to be between 10km (6 miles) and 50km (31 miles) in height.
  • According to Quillspike Rumbler's flavor text, Clipping Stratosphere Giant's toenails is considered on of the three most dangerous things to do in the forest. The other two are licking Poisonous Dahlia and giving Quillspike Rumbler a back rub.
  • Stratosphere Giant played an important role in the second English season of the anime series of Duel Masters and was one of the five creatures called upon by Shobu to defend earth from the invasion of creatures from the Creature World, and later helped close the Gates of the Nature realm.
  • This creature is known to exist in the Phoenix Saga according to CoroCoro's Phoenix Saga world map. It uses the remains of the Fiona Woods as a resting place.
  • This creature is considered a joke among players due to its extreme demerit that causes the opponent to complete God Links, Vortex Evolution creatures, and send out the worst possible finishers without much effort. While it can be used to combo the opponent using Magnum, Allshot Puppet or Lost Soul, The fact that the opponent may not send out any creatures and even if it succeeds the player will only end up using extra effort to send out a Quasi-Vanilla fatty makes the attempt worthless.

Stratosphere Giant

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