ステップ (Suteppu)
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A Step is one of the 6 phases of a players turn during a game of Duel Masters.


In Duel Masters, the actions that a player can take during are turn are strictly defined. This order is called a step, with each turn divided into 7 steps. This is shown in detail on the How to Play page.

A players turn consists of the following 7 steps.

  • 1) Resolve any abilities that trigger "at the start of your turn".
  • 2) Untap your cards in the battle zone and your mana zone.
  • 3) Draw a card.
  • 4) Put a card from your hand into your mana zone,
  • 5) Summon Creatures, Cast Spells, Generate and cross Cross Gears, Fortify a Castle, and Expand Fields.
  • 6) Attack your opponent or his creatures
  • 7) End your turn and resolve any pending triggers.


Step 1 (Start of Turn step)

Start your turn and resolve any abilities that trigger "at the start of your turn".

Step 2 (Untap step)

At the start of the turn, the turn player untaps all cards in their mana zone and battle zone, unless certain effects prevent cards from being untapped. This is the only part of the turn where abilities such as Silent Skill can be used.

Step 3 (Draw step)

The player draws a card from their deck. This is forced. During your first turn, if you are going first, you don't draw a card.

Step 4 (Charge step)

The player can put a card from their hand into their mana zone, to use for summoning creatures or casting spells. However, it isn't compulsary and you can choose not to put anything into the mana zone and proceed directly to the next step.

Step 5 (Main step)

If the player possesses enough untapped mana, they can tap them to pay for the cost of his/her creature, spell, cross gear, castles or fields.

Creatures go directly into the battle zone, while spells get put into the graveyard after they are cast and resolve, unless other effects state otherwise.

Cross Gears stay in the battle zone and must have their cost paid a second time to be crossed onto a creature of the player's choice.

A castle is placed onto a shield until the shield is removed from the battle zone.

A field stays in the battle zone until removed.

Step 6 (Attack step)

If the player has a creature in the battle zone, he can tap it to attack either a tapped creature, or a player. If he attacks a player and they have shield, the attacking player must choose a shield for the creature to break. Creatures other than evolution creatures and linked Gods that have been put into the battle zone this turn have summoning sickness can't attack in the same turn, unless effects state otherwise.

This is also the only part of the turn where tap abilities (which are used instead of attacking) can be used.

Step 7 (End Turn)

The player ends the turn, and resolves any pending triggers.

Then the opponent starts on the first step of their turn.

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