• To save your own creatures from an effect on the field like Blizzard of Spears or Vampire Silphy, you can cast Spiral Gate on your own creature to protect them.
  • Spiral Gate can also work well with cards that discard cards from your opponents hand. Use Spiral Gate and then cards like Cranium Clamp or Lost Soul to remove the creature.
  • A good idea is to send back your creatures that have "come into play" effects like: Corile, Unicorn Fish or Meteosaur to reuse their effects again.
  • Spiral Gate can be used to trigger Galaxy, Temporal Immortal's awaken ability.
  • Even though your opponent has a very strong defense, you can destroy his shields by summoning Gajirabute, Vile Centurion and at the start of your next turn, you can't cast this spell to reuse Gajirabute's effect.

Spiral Gate

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