呪文 (Jumon)


Japanese Wiki: 1370,
Category for Spell.

Spells are a card type that were first introduced in DM-01.


They are a card type that that are cast, have their abilities happen and are then put into your graveyard immediately afterwards.

After your mana charge step, you can play as many spells from your hand as your mana zone can afford, before your attack step. If you can't do everything that a spell instructs you to do, perform as much of the card effect as you can. If you can't perform anything the spell says, then the card simply goes into your graveyard.

Some spells have the "Shieldtrigger Shield Trigger" ability. If these spells are broken and added to your hand while in the shield zone, you can reveal that broken shield card to cast it as a spell for no cost.


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