• Low mana cost Fire Bird creatures to evolve this creature from include;
  • Low mana cost Earth Dragon creatures to evolve this creature from include;
  • Soul Phoenix can be difficult to summon, due to the lack of low-cost Earth Dragons. A good strategy is to use Faerie Life on turn 2 and summon Cocco Lupia on turn 3 to get Terradragon Regarion (or Gamiratar if you're feeling lucky) out as early as turn 4 with mana left over.
  • Another good strategy is to summon Cocco Gil Lupia on turn 2, Gamiratar turn 3, and Soul Phoenix on turn 4.
  • A useful strategy is using EVO Chargers or Timeless Garden in combination with Soul Phoenix, sending powerful creatures under it from your mana zone. That way when Soul Phoenix leaves that battle zone, the powerful creatures that you retrieved from mana will emerge in the battle zone

Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity

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