• Q: What does it mean for each of my opponent's creatures to attack if able?
    • A: On your opponent's next turn, when he is ready to attack, he chooses one of his creatures that can attack, and he attacks with it. When that creature is finished attacking, then he chooses another of his creatures that can attack, and he attacks with it. He keeps doing that until he has no more creatures that can attack. He has to have those creatures attack, whether he wants them to or not.
  • Q: Does my opponent have to choose his attackers in the order that allows the most of them to attack?
    • A: No. He can choose to have his creatures to attack in any order. For example, say you have one shield left and your opponent has Fear Fang and Gigazoul in the battle zone. (Gigazoul says, "While your opponent has no shields, this creature can't attack.") If your opponent has Gigazoul attack first, Fear Fang attacks second. But if your opponent has Fear Fang attack first, and Fear Fang breaks your shield, Gigazoul can't attack. Either order is allowed. All that's important is that anytime your opponent can attack with one of his creatures, he does attack.

Slime Veil

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