シャッフル (Shaffuru)
Japanese Wiki: 1371,

Shuffle is a keyword action.


It is the act of mixing up the cards in your deck so the cards are put in a random order.

Shuffling is done at the start of your game to avoid cheating, or after a card has you search the deck for a specific card.

Your opponent may shuffle your deck for you in some situations and it's legal.


In online duels, shuffling behavior ran by scripts can greatly deviate from shuffling by humans. This happens regardless of any card game and any company who is behind the online duel system, and will often cause multiple duplicate cards in a hand, a total lack of shield triggers in the initial shields despite having over 8 in the deck and sometimes key cards not handed to the player at all.

However if the player loses more than often, there is a problem in his deck building logic[1], or his dueling skills are subpar, and at this case it would be safer to blame oneself's skills instead of simply blaming the shuffle.

Associated Categories

  • For cards that allow you to search your deck, see Deck Search.
  1. Such as relying on only one mana acceleration method, having less too many high cost cards etc.

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