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Affiliation Kaado Academy Junior High School (Duel Team member)

Shishio Shogo (nicknamed "King Lion") is an antagonist of the Haouden Gachi!! series of the Duel Masters Manga.


Shishio Shogo, a second year student at Kaado Academy Junior High School, is an is an unscrupulous player who revels in a hostile rapport with his opponents.

His play style can be described as aggressively psychological and intimidation-based, and he is not above cheating, bullying, or manipulating others in order to win.


Shishio left his mark on the dueling scene by single-handedly representing Kaado Academy at the Kanto Tournament Finals, using his own deceptive methods to get his way. He went so far as to tell his own teammates to throw their matches so he could more easily make his way to the top, thus his real talents have yet to be seen.

Shishio proved himself an actively dishonest player in chapter one when he could be seen slipping cards into his hand on several occasions during his duel with Soma Buchiyou. He also wanted to further humiliate Soma by duelling him once more, although Taiga stepped in to defend his friend. When Shishio later dueled against Taiga to show his superiority, he used the same aggressive and illegal techniques, but he ultimately still lost to Taiga.


His deck is built with Water, Nature and Darkness Civilization cards.

He uses an Kiriko-Combo Dragon Deck, with his finishing creature being Emperor Kiriko .

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