• This card is in a mega cycle of Light Civilization creatures that have a mana cost of 3, 4000 power as well as the Blockericon Blocker ability and being unable to attack players.
Name: Race:
Choppurun, Love Love GuardianGuardian
Hyou, the OracleLight Bringer
Kanesill, the ExplorerGladiator
Kultos, Knight VizierArc Seraphim / Initiate
O.HA.NA.PStarlight Tree / Initials
Peace LupiaFire Bird
Ranchun, Bulk GuardianGuardian
Saiya, Spirit KnightArc Seraphim
Senatine Jade TreeStarlight Tree
Wacon, Vizier of ArmsInitiate / Samurai
  • Senatine's artwork resembles an apple core with the Blockericon Blocker icon in its center.
  • This card has an improved version, O.HA.NA.P, with an additional Initials race and allowing any number of copies of it in a deck.
  • This card has a creature named after it from DMRP-01, Glass Wood.
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  • The card Jade Monitor from the Kaijudo franchise uses this card's artwork.

Senatine Jade Tree