Rogue Deck
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A Rogue Deck is a type of deck that is not common in the Metagame, but took one or two, or sometimes many metagame tournaments with great force at some point of time, usually unexpectedly.


The sudden appearance of a card that is considered weak on paper (Such as Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny or Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden) is not considered a Rogue Deck. Additionally, an anti-meta deck is not considered a Rogue Deck as well. A Rogue deck would be among the examples of NEX Miradante or Ultimate Galaxy Universe Extra Wins winning major tournaments such as Duel Masters Grand Prix.

Methods of runningEdit

Rogue Decks often contain minor/non-meta cards as a core (Such as Bolshack NEX or Chutopia, Super Nine Extremes with possibly a few meta cards in between (Such as Mega Manalock Dragon or Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality), and unlike fun decks, they were made for the purpose of winning and not for fun.

Rogue decks take the advantage of obscure cards and strategies to take most opponents which are well prepared only for common strategies such as Darkness Fire Dogiragon Buster in Revolution Final and Mono-Darkness Draguner in Dragon Saga by surprise, and to cause play misses by unexpectedness.

And as some players do not like top meta decks, they often research rogue decks as new sets come by and due to this, rogue decks are often filled with personality. The thrill of beating a top meta deck with a minor deck is one of the best things for a player.

Sometimes, a Rogue Deck can be upgraded into a Meta Deck if it is proven over and over that it is effective.

But as most Metagame decks are designed to be extremely difficult to counter, usually having extreme offensive powers, speed, control abilities or resource depletion abilities, Rogue decks are a challenge of deckbuilding and playing and are not to be attempted save for the most creative.


  • While most Rogue Decks come from Fun Decks, it is possible that a Rogue Deck can be created when a meta deck type falls from the meta due to Hall of Fame restrictions.
  • 地雷 (Jirai, meaning Landmine) should not be confused with a Junk Rare, although both of them take players be surprise and cause discontent.