Rock Beast
Japanflag Japanese: ロック・ビースト (Rokku Bīsuto)
Released In: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
Civilization(s): Fire
Japanese Wiki: 2265
Category for Rock Beast.

Rock Beast is a race of creature in the Fire Civilization.


They each feature "Saur" in their name ("Saurus" in the OCG), and "Rock Beast" at the end of their names for their evolution creatures.


Rock Beasts are wild creatures, a rare find in the Fire civilization. They are made of living rock and survive by consuming magma.

At birth, Rock Beast infants are raised in magma. As adults they move on to the surface of the earth. Slow growing and long-lived, mature Rock Beasts are known to grow as big as a hill. They move slowly, supporting themselves on four hefty legs, and store a massive amount of magma energy in their powerful bodies. Members of the Dragonoid race are able to control adult Rock Beasts and use them as “traveling fortresses.”


Creatures that evolve from Rock Beasts

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast 1x Rock Beast
Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast 1x Rock Beast



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