パワー (Pawā)
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Power is a gameplay characteristic displayed by the number in the lower left corner of all creature cards.

A creature's power determines how well the creature will battle other creatures.


When creatures battle, the one with the higher power destroys the other one. In a tie of equal power, they both destroy each other.

Some creatures have plus signs (+) next to their power numbers. The plus sign is a reminder on creatures that sometimes get extra power from special abilities such as "Power Attacker."

Some other creatures have minus signs (-) next to their power numbers. The minus sign is to show that when a certain effect is triggered that the creatures sometimes lose power. When a creature has its power reduced to 0 due to an effect or a card ability, it is destroyed. This is a gaming rule and is not a card effect so it does not trigger effects such as Ken Geki, Absolute Ruler ~Final Flare~'s extra win condition.

Unlike in most trading card games, power is not a creature's hit points or attack points (There are no hit points in this game and attack points are replaced by "Breaker" Abilities.) and has no relations to what a creature can do, as well as having no use other than battling other creatures. Therefore, a creature that has it's power infinitely increased and has no other effects is almost just as good as a Vanilla or Quasi-Vanilla creature. Additionally, Removal in Duel Masters is highly powerful so the power of creatures becomes a minor factor when it comes to deciding the usability of a creature.

Note that power is also not a decisive factor of a creature being removed as spells and weaker creatures can remove much stronger creatures from the battle zone via their effects.

Power Breakpoints

The following is used as a rough guide to determine a creature's size in the game.

  • Small: 500 to 4000: Creatures of these size are able to be easily removed by Power Based Removal or by battling disregarding effects.
  • Medium: 4500 to 6000: Creatures of this size can be removed by various power-based removal such as Mitsurugi Boost, Matchless Dragon Demon and are harder to defeat via battling.
  • Large: 6500 to 10500: Creatures of these size are difficult to remove using most power based removal and they are also difficult to remove by battling. This is also often home to the more dangerous creatures in the game.
  • Huge: 11000 to 14000: Creatures of this size are almost unaffected by Power-Based Removal and are seldom defeated in battles. It is strongly recommended to remove creatures like this with effects, although many do have dangerous effects or powerful removal resistances. Creatures of this size are also sometimes surprisingly fast and can sometimes declare the outcome of games in one turn.
  • Gargantuan: 14500 to 23000: Creatures of this size cannot be defeated by Dogiragon, Legendary Legend and are completely impossible to remove via power-based removal or removal via battles. It is strongly recommended to remove them via effects, although many do have various sorts of removal resistances and dangerous effects, and surprisingly, speed.
  • Colossal: 24000 or more: Creatures of this size are similar to the previous Gargantuan power class. At this point while slow, these creatures basically have effects that decide the game by themselves, so it is strongly recommended to finish the game before they appear.
    • Be noted that size does not directly direct to how dangerous a creature is as some creatures with low power can be very dangerous and can disrupt entire games by themselves while larger creatures can sometimes be extremely weak. However, recently larger creatures tend to have more dangerous effects by themselves.

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