Poseidia Dragon
Japanflag Japanese: ポセイディア・ドラゴン (Poseidia Doragon)
Released In: DM-22 The Dragonic Nova
Civilization(s): Water
Group of Races: Dragon
Japanese Wiki: 2145
Category for Poseidia Dragon.

Poseidia Dragon is a race of Dragon creature in the Water Civilization.


They tend to have そうしんりゅう (Sou Shin Ryū) meaning "Blue Divine Dragon" in their name.


Creatures that evolve from Poseidia Dragon:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Asteroid Raiser, Ice Comet Vortex evolution
2x Great Mecha King, Machine Hero, and/or Poseidia Dragon.
Supernova Betelgeuse Final Cannon Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Great Mecha King, Grand Devil, and/or Poseidia Dragon.
See also: Support for Dragon creatures




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