Oneshot Effect
単発的効果 (Tanpatsu-teki kōka)
Japanese Wiki: 5223,

Oneshot Effects are an effect that creates a single event that is resolved and is then finished with.


It is the antonym of Continuous Effects.

A oneshot effect is created when a spell is cost or ability resolves. Because a static ability doesn't resolve, it doesn't create a oneshot effect.

An example off a one shot effect includes;

In a situation where a continuous effect prevents an event from occurring, and a oneshot effect would create that event, that event can't be created. For example:

In Duel Masters, an ability saying you "can't" perform an action takes priority over an ability telling you to do so.

Substitution effects are not considered a oneshot effect. The substitution effect only creates a continuous situation where one event is replaced by another event.

Other Effects and Abilities

Other Effects

Other Abilities

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