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Mimi Tasogare
たそがれ ミミ
Civilization(s) WaterWater NatureNature
Family Nana Tasogare (Sister)
Benny Haha (Brother, english only)
Voice Actors Janice Lee (Season 1)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Season 2)
中島 沙樹
Saki Nakajima (All seasons)

Mimi Tasogare was first introduced in the first season of the Duel Masters Anime.


She first appeared to be a clueless duelist who is fascinated with the Duel Masters card game but is later revealed to have been a Temple guardian working for the Master. She later ends up befriending Shobu and his friends, joining him on his adventures.


Season 1

She makes friends with Shobu, Sayuki, and Rekuta at school. However, when Shobu gets an invitation to the Temple in episode ten, she becomes strangely serious and foreboding and while distracting Sayuki and Rekuta, punches a hole in the wall. Then when they are inside, after they see Shobu beaten up with only three tokens left, she becomes harsh and demanding with what seems like a split voice. Fritz, the goblin that loves karaoke, recognizes her, but she cuts him off. And when Shobu is about to duel one of the temple bullies, Mimi 'accidentally' knocks him over, mixing up his deck with hers.

As she picks them up for him, she adds some of her own cards. Shobu notices and is a somewhat angry, but Mimi says it's alright for him to use them. After all, his father is probably using evolution cards too. With the help of Mimi's cards, Shobu wins his duel, plus gains the fifty tokens he needs to be allowed to battle Hakuoh. There's more to Mimi that meets the eye.

Mimi is really a Temple Guardian and a member of White Soldiers, who is sent to spy on Shobu, but is still his friend. She plays dumb and pretends not to know what the card game is really about. Mimi is adored by lots of boys, especially by Rekuta. Most of her cards are Shield Trigger cards. After her duel with Shobu, Mimi begs Shobu to help Hakuoh turn back to the way he was. Mimi seems to like Hakuoh and Kokujo. She has a twin brother named Benny Haha (only in the english dub).

When the first season closes with the duel between Shobu and Hakuoh, Mimi reveals that Hakuoh was not always such a heartless duelist, and her personal connection to him has developed into a slight crush throughout the series. Mimi is also an expert at martial arts and is incredibly smart and strong.

Duel Masters Cross Shock

Mimi and her friends once again dueled against there old enemies Fua Duelist who tried to revive Zakira and were successful but in the end Mimi and her friends were able to finally defeat Fua Duelist and Zakira for the last time.

After defeating Zakira Mimi was taken with Shobu and his friends to the creature world which was under a great threat from the awakening of the foretold destroyer Diabolos Zeta and he could only be stopped by the combined power of the 5 ancient psychic creatures. She helped Shobu and his friends find these creatures and helped defeat them in order to obtain there power.

She defeated Ribbity Frog and obtained the Ribbity Frog and Cyber G Hogan cards. When all of the 5 creatures were later brought together, their psychic abilities were released turning them into Ribbity SP and G Hogan, Temporal Star/Ocean G Hogan, the Best Awakened. She used them alongside the other 4 ancient cards in an attempt to stop Zeta but he was too powerful. In the end, only Shobu was able to stop him. She and her friends were all returned from the creature world back to their homes with their new found creature friends.

Duel Masters Victory

As of the Duel Masters Victory season, she has become a reporter for dueling events. She meets with Katta Kirifuda during his first tournament and compared how different he is from his brother Shobu Kirifuda. After the tournament,she compared on how Katta had changed after learning how to duel. She have also done an interview with Zubako a famous fortune teller who use Alien cards to tell people's past or future. She have also showed up at Ken's house where Katta and his friends were training and to help them she dueled all 4 of them at once and defeated them. Later Benchan who idolizes Mimi as a great duelist faced Mimi again in a rematch and lost to her but Mimi saw the potential in him and told him that he needs to do his own training and that Mimi will help him whenever he needs it.

During Katta's duel against Onsen,she realized that Prin Prin, the Eternal Card was glowing, making her realize what was really going on. She transported the card to a different location and locks Shachihoko and Rikishi into the empty vault when they attempt to steal the card. After Katta told Mimi about the situation, she along with Yuu and Atsuto splits up to get information. She frees Yuu and Asuto from the vault by cutting away the door, frightening both of them. When Katta and his friends were chasing Onsen, she along with Yuu, Atsuto, Katsuzo and Ken rushed to the tower, where Katta was dueling Onsen. As the situation got worse, she tries to get to the top of the tower, but was blocked by Hako,who tried to keep them out of the way to allow Katta to concentrate on the duel. During the battle, she saves the crowd from falling shattered glass by punching onto them and brought Katta home after everything was over. She then witnessed Prin Prin in her human form, along with the others.

Duel Masters Victory V

She made an appearance in Katta's class to tell them that the class was chosen to have a battle between two duelists broadcast live. Katta was confirmed as a participant in the battle as he was already known as the champion of the Duel Carnival Tournament from the previous season. Leo was the second duelist from the class tournament. During the duel, she got overexcited over Katta getting a comeback that she accidentally knocked down the camera, resulting that the duel won't be broadcast live, saying the worst part is that she have to pay for the damages of the camera.

Duel Masters Victory V3

She was present during the time of the outbreak of creatures in the Human World and also broadcast about the latest happenings of the creatures being rampant in the Human World.

Duel Masters Versus

She does not appear directly, but appears in Shobu's flashback in episode 46.


Series 1

She dueled against Shobu in a Magic: The Gathering game and lost against him. She later became Shobu's close friend.

Duel Masters: Fighting Edge

She continued supporting and helping Shobu in his quest to free Hakuoh from the clutches of Zakira and also stop Zakira's end goal of obtaining and using the power of Duel Masters Spirit crystals.

Duel Masters: Star Cross

Mimi and her friends had finally stopped Zakira but are now facing off against a new enemy, Adam.

Duel Masters Victory

Mimi has become a pro duelist as well as a TV reporter. She tends to help out Katta (who is Shobu's younger brother) in his dueling skills.

Zero Duel Masters

Mimi and her friends were invited to visit Duel Island by a mysterious new enemy, Professor March. In this series she managed to defeat Shobu and was shown to be a better duelist then him. However, she then helped Shobu escape his dilemma of giving up after he lost a game. She helped him realize that there is always more to learn and get stronger. 

Lunatic God Saga

Mimi and her friends helped Shobu face off a new villain, Mikado Kozuki.


Season 1

She uses a Shield Trigger deck in which over half of the cards are Shieldtrigger Shield Trigger cards. She used this deck against Shobu but it was later destroyed by Benny Haha. She used high cost spells with "Shieldtrigger Shield Trigger" and Water Civilization creatures with "Blockericon Blocker".

During the rest of Season 1, and the beginning of Season 2, she began to use a more efficient shield triggers, but she still used Earthstomp Giant as her main trump card.

Sacred Lands

She used a Nature Civilization deck. She had very few duels as the season was mostly concentrated on Shobu's training and the P.L.O.O.P..

She later used a copy of Prince Wilbur´s deck, consisting of Light and Nature civilization cards.

Duel Masters Charge

She used a Water, Fire and Nature Civilization Shieldtrigger Shield Trigger deck. She used this deck in the local qualifiers tournament and also in the Battle Arena qualifiers against the Black Soldiers.

She used a Shield Trigger deck consisting of all 5 civilizations during her training before the Battle Arena Tournament.

She used an updated Light, Water and Nature Shieldtrigger Shield Trigger deck used for the Battle Arena Tournament.

She used a Shieldtrigger Shield Trigger deck against the Fua Duelists and Hakuoh.

Zero Duel Masters

She used a Light and Fire deck.

Duel Masters Zero

She used a Light, Water, Fire and Nature deck.

Duel Masters Cross

She used a Water Civilization deck.

She used a LightWater and Nature deck against the Fua Duelists and White.

She used a Light, Water and Fire deck in the World Championship Tournament.

Duel Masters Cross Shock

She used this deck in the World Championship Tournament Finals.

With new cards obtained from the creature world, Mimi added additional psychic cards to her deck.

Duel Masters Victory

She used a Water Civilization deck.

Psychic Creatures

Duel Masters: Shadow of the Code



  • Mimi's last name, Tasogare (黄昏) means Twilight or Dusk.

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