• This ability is compulsory, and affects both players. Playing a card such as Inferno Sign or Terror Pit by the shield trigger ability will force you to destroy one of your own creatures (possibly even Magnum itself).
  • While mana is tapped to play a Hyperspatial spell, mana is not tapped for the Psychic creature that is summoned so Magnum, Allshot Puppet would destroy them.
  • Shield Triggers do trigger this creature's ability.
  • This card has no effect against Castles, Draghearts (weapons or fortresses) or D2 Fields.
  • The ability doesn't trigger against The=Deadman, Dragon Edge as cards are tapped in the mana zone.
  • The ability does trigger against Jack, Bei B as while mana was paid for, a creature was summoned or a spell was cast without cards in the mana zone being tapped.

Magnum, Allshot Puppet

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