ルピア (Rupia)
DM-06 Invincible Soul
Fire Bird
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Lupia is an archetype of Fire Bird creatures primarily in the Fire Civilization.


They were first referenced by the Lupia name with Bolshack NEX in DM-32 Evolution Saga, and then Legend Lupia Wing in DM-35 Neverending Saga.

A card that is considered to be a Lupia card must only feature the "Lupia" (ルピア) name as a single word. Purple Piercer (パープル・ピアス, Papuru Piasu) is not considered to be a Lupia creature.

It was initially believed that Bolshack NEX did not support Cocco Gil Lupia, but it was later ruled that they can be used together. This is because the name "Gil Lupia" may be part of a single word "Gillupia" but as the name "Lupia" is not separated, it is still considered to be a "Lupia" card unlike Purple Piercer.

List of Lupia creatures


Evolution Creatures:

Psychic Creatures:


Support Card: Card Effect:
Bolshack NEX ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take a card that has Lupia in its name and put it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.
Legend Lupia Wing ■ This card may be crossed to a creature that has Lupia in its name for no cost.
Massu Lupia ■ Each of your other creatures in the battle zone that have NEX or Lupia in is name gets +1000 power.
Psychic NEX, the Awakened Blue Flame ■ Whenever your opponent would choose a creature in the battle zone, they can't choose creatures that have Lupia in its name.
Stardust NEX, Spiritual Dragon Knight ■ When you put this creature or a creature that has Lupia in its name into the battle zone, you may choose one of your opponent's creatures and tap it.



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