Liquid People freely control liquid. For them, water is armor and shield.
— flavor text of Aqua Hulcus
Liquid People
Japanflag Japanese: リキッド・ピープル (Rikiddo Pīpuru)
Released In: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
Civilization(s): Water
Japanese Wiki: 121
Category for Liquid People.

Liquid People is a race of creature in the Water Civilization.


Liquid People have the word アクア (Akua, Aqua) as a prefix, with an occupation such as Warrior or Agent as a suffix.

Evolution Creatures have the word クリスタル (Kurisutaru, Crystal) as a prefix and resemble centaurs as they are humanoid in appearance but stand on 4 legs.

Japanese creatures with multiple races including Liquid People featured 電脳 (Den'nō) meaning computer, or digital brain. In the TCG, this was kept translated as Aqua instead but was used as the prefix of the creature name along with another races nomenclature (such as a Beast folk using Savage).


While they primarily are a Water Civilization race, Liquid People do feature multiple multicolored creatures, usually shared with the Light and Darkness races such as Ghosts and Initiates. There are a few mono-Light Liquid People: Aqua Holy, Aqua Humpty, and Aqua Dumpty.

The Liquid People creature with the highest power in the TCG is Crystal Lancer with 8000 power, and the creature in the OCG with the highest power is Crystal Zweilancer who has 13000 power. The strongest non-evolution Liquid People is Aqua Escort with 6000 Power.

Many liquid people are low cost creatures with a cost of 1-3, such as Aqua Hulcus, Aqua Guard, Aqua Belala and Aqua Soldier. Lower cost creatures such as these have a large opportunity to be evolved upon.

The cheaper Liquid People are not very powerful creatures when it comes to attacking, however most Liquid People have good effects, most of them related to sending a creature to the opponents hand, tapping them, or drawing cards.

During the Dragon Saga, they appeared as Liquid People Sen.


Liquid People are the most populous race in the Water Cvilization. Transparent humanoids, Liquid People are easily recognized by the web of glittering cables running through them. Their bodies are encased in fluid that can be transformed as necessary. By changing from liquid to solid or vapor, they use their bodies for transportation on land or water, weaponry, or defense.

Liquid People are very refined and courteous and never self-assertive. Although they do not make good leaders and are not very creative, they are very good at following directions and can be depended on to get the job done. Each one has a chip installed in his head that allows for telepathic communication.

According to the background story, Liquid People evaporate instantly when touching hot ground, as referenced in Galsaur and Volcanic Zaurus's flavor texts. In Dealer, Eureka's flavor text, over half of Vegas Dollar's liquid people troops evaporated upon touching the grounds of the Fire Civilization.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Aqua Genius, Cyber Admiral When you put this creature into the battle zone, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Put all revealed Liquid People into your hand, then put the rest on the top of your deck in any order.
King Nautilus Liquid People can't be blocked.
Tauros, Battle God When this creature or one of your creatures that shares a race with this creature attacks your opponent and isn't blocked, during this turn that creature breaks an additional shield. (This creature has the Liquid People race)

Creatures that evolve from Liquid People

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Crystal Jouster 1x Liquid People.
Crystal Lancer 1x Liquid People.
Crystal Paladin 1x Liquid People.
Crystal Spinslicer 1x Liquid People.
Crystal Super Paladin 1x Liquid People.
Crystal Zweilancer 1x Liquid People.
Java Jack, Ultra Flash 1x Liquid People.
Supernova Mercury Gigablizzard Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Great Mecha King, Grand Devil, and/or Liquid People.
Trigram, Zero-order Dragon Formula Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Liquid People
Vilvisvid, Ultra Flash 1x Liquid People.



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