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Years 16 to 20
Japanese Wiki: 9206
Previous: Year 11-15

This is a listing of Japanese promotional cards between Year 16 and 205.

DM Duel Masters - Year 16 (Gallery)

These cards were released during the Duel Masters block.

Number: Card Name: Obtained From:
P1/Y16 Jolly the Beginning CoroCoro Comic, March 2017 issue
P2/Y16 Dodonga Roar Cannon Duema Fes - Janken Exchange Prize 3/25
P3/Y16 Chotto Q Duema Fes Pack Volume 1
P4/Y16 Falcon Bomber, Rocket Dash Duema Fes Pack Volume 1
P5/Y16 Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal Duema Fes Pack Volume 1
P6/Y16 Deepsea Typhoon Duema Fes Pack Volume 1
P7/Y16 Bainaradoor Here Come the Jokers!! Strategy Book
P8/Y16 Danganteioh, Super Extreme Q Here Come the Jokers!! Strategy Book
P9/Y16 Faerie Life CoroCoro Aniki 8th Issue
P10/Y16 Dangaioh, Super Special Q CoroCoro Comic, April 2017 issue
P11/Y16 Bachigon, Zubat Tank CoroCoro Ichiban May 2017 Issue
P12/Y16 Child Festival of Faerie Fire Card Gamer, issue 33
P13/Y16 Dodonga Roar Cannon Duema Fes - Janken Competition Winner's Prize 3/25
P14/Y16 5000GT, Riot
P15/Y16 Oriotis Judge
P16/Y16 Faerie Life
P61/Y16 ブランクカードBlank Card CoroCoro Comic, June 2017 Issue

Unnumbered Cards

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