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This is a listing of Japanese promotional cards between Year 1 and 5.

Beginner's Block - Year 1 (Gallery)

Number: Card Name: Obtained From:
WINNERGigaberosOfficial Tournament Winner Award
WINNERBarkwhip, the SmasherOfficial Tournament Winner Award
P01/*Super Explosive VolcanodonCoroCoro Comic May 2002 Issue
P02/*Fatal Attacker HorvathCoroCoro Comic June 2002 Issue
P03/*GigagieleCoroCoro Comic June 2002 Issue
P04/*Lok, Vizier of HuntingCoroCoro Comic June 2002 Issue
P05/*Divine Machine Armor ValborgCoroCoro Comic August 2002 Issue
P06/*Iere, Vizier of Bullets
P07/*Rothus, the TravelerThe Complete Cards File - Volume 1
P08/*Explosive Fighter Ucarn
P09/*Crystal Lancer
P10/*Silver Fist
P11/*Überdragon ZaschackCoroCoro Comic November 2002 Issue
P11b/*Überdragon ZaschackOfficial Tournament Winner Award
P12/*King Neptas
P13/*Boltail DragonComes with Ultimate Shield Set
P14/*Giliam, the TormentorCoroCoro Comic January 2003 Issue
P15/*Amnis, Holy ElementalCoroCoro Comic January 2003 Issue
P16/*AquanCoroCoro Comic January 2003 Issue
P17/*Aeris, Flight ElementalThe Complete Cards File - Volume 2
P18/*Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
P19/*Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian
P21/*Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q
P22/*Brigade Shell QCoroCoro Comic April 2003 Issue
P23/*Bolgash Dragon
P24/*GigakailThe Complete Cards File - Volume 3
P25/*Skullsweeper QComes with Duel Station Cartridge Ver.1
P26/*Divine Machine Armor ValborgDuel Masters: Advance

Fighting Spirit Saga - Year 2 (Gallery)

Number: Card Name: Obtained From:
P1/Y2Schuka, Duke of AmnesiaCoroCoro Comic June 2003 Issue
P2/Y2Q-tronic OmnistrainCoroCoro Comic July 2003 Issue
P3/Y2Cutthroat SkyterrorCoroCoro Comic August 2003 Issue
P4/Y2Neon Cluster
P5/Y2Dava Torey, Seeker of Clouds
P6/Y2Faerie Life
P7/Y2Faerie Life
P8/Y2Wicked Soul Reincarnation
P9/Y2Saberfili, the PaladinCoroCoro Comic October 2003 Issue
P9b/Y2Saberfili, the Paladin
P10/Y2Titanium Cluster
P11/Y2Aqua Fencer
P12/Y2Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock BeastCoroCoro Comic November 2003 Issue
P13/Y2Astronaut SkyterrorComes with Duel Masters: Invincible bag DX
P14/Y2Überdragon BahamCoroCoro Comic January 2004 Issue
P14b/Y2Überdragon BahamOfficial Tournament Winner Award
P15/Y2Terradragon GamiratarCoroCoro Comic Febuary Issue
P16/Y2Totto PipicchiCoroCoro Comic February 2004 Issue
P17/Y2Popple, Flowerpetal DancerThe Complete Cards File - Volume 4
P18/Y2Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal
P19/Y2Missile Soldier Ultimo
P19b/Y2Missile Soldier Ultimo
P20/Y2Magmadragon Melgars
P21/Y2Kyrstron, Lair Delver
P22/Y2Aqua Grappler
P23/Y2Dyno Mantis, the MightspinnerCoroCoro Comic April 2004 Issue
P24/Y2Galberius DragonCoroCoro Comic April 2004 Issue
P25/Y2Necrodragon Izorist VhalDuel Road winner award
P26/Y2Solid HornDuel Road participant award
P27/Y2Zombie Carnival

Holy Fist Saga - Year 3 (Gallery)

Number: Card Name: Obtained From:
P1/Y3Dolmarks, the Shadow WarriorCoroCoro Comic June 2004 Issue
P2/Y3Glaris, Electro-SpiritCoroCoro Comic July 2004 Issue
P3/Y3Überdragon ZaschackDuel Masters 2 Shobu Kirifuda Version
P4/Y3Brad, Super Kickin' DynamoCoroCoro Comic August 2004 Issue
P5/Y3Estol, Vizier of Aqua
P6/Y3Tagtapp, the RetaliatorDuel Road winner award
P7/Y3Hustle BerryDuel Road participant award
P8/Y3Galzark, Divine Destruction Dragonmech
P9/Y3Melnia, the Aqua ShadowCoroCoro Comic August 2004 Issue
P10/Y3Brain Serum
P11/Y3Wind Axe, the Warrior Savage
P12/Y3Angila, Electro-MaskCoroCoro Comic October 2004 Issue
P13/Y3Astral WarperDuel Masters 3
P14/Y3Hide and SeekDuel Road participant award
P15/Y3Hearty Cap'n PolligonDuel Road teaching participant award
P16/Y3Hazaria, Duke of ThornsCoroCoro Comic November 2004 Issue
P17/Y3Psychic Shaper
P18/Y3Phantomach, the GigatrooperComes with Duel Creatures series 1. DC-01,DC-02 and DC-03
P19/Y3Nemonex, Bajula's Robomantis
P20/Y3Terradragon SoulgardasCoroCoro Comic January 2005 Issue
P21/Y3Spectral Horn GlitalisCoroCoro Comic February Issue
P22/Y3Radioactive Horn, the StrangeCoroCoro Comic Febuary 2005 Issue
P23/Y3Future SlashThe Complete Cards File - Volume 5
P24/Y3Hypersprint Warrior Uzesol
P25/Y3Mechadragon's BreathDuel Road participant award
P26/Y3Fever NutsDuel Road teaching participant award
P27/Y3Super Dragon Machine DolzarkDuel Masters: Curse of the Death Phoenix
P28/Y3Forte, Brave Fear LordCoroCoro Comic March 2005 Issue
P29/Y3Asteria, Spirit of Heaven's BlessingComes with Duel Creatures series 2. DC-04 and DC-05
P30/Y3Zardia, Spirit of Bloody WindsCoroCoro Comic April 2005 Issue
P31/Y3Tick Tick, Swift Viral Swordfighter
P32/Y3Terradragon SoulgardasOfficial Tournament Winner Award
P33/Y3Necrodragon ZekiraDuel Road participant award
P34/Y3Überdragon BahamDuel Masters: Birth of the Super Dragon
P35/Y3Dyno Mantis, the Mightspinner
P36/Y3Glaris, Electro-Spirit
P37/Y3Forte, Brave Fear Lord
P38/Y3Queen Maiden, the EternalDuel Road winner award
P39/Y3Jasper, the StubbornDuel Road teaching participant award

Reincarnation Saga - Year 4 (Gallery)

Number: Card Name: Obtained From:
P1/Y4Demonic ProtectorCoroCoro Comic June 2005 Issue
P2/Y4Gravity DragonCoroCoro Comic July 2005 Issue
P3/Y4Broken Horn, the BarricadingDuel Road participant award
P4/Y4Pyuzero, Prince of the South Wind
P5/Y4Fire BladeCoroCoro Comic August Issue
P6/Y4Evolution BlueprintDuel Road winner award
P7/Y4Dreaming Moon KnifeDuel Road teaching participant award
P8/Y4Chitta PeloruCoroCoro Comic August 2005 Issue
P9/Y4Invisible SuitThe Complete Cards File - Volume 6
P10/Y4Neo Sledgehammer
P11/Y4Kamikaze ZephyrCoroCoro Comic Ichiban October 2005 Issue
P12/Y4Gyulcas, Sage of the East WindDuel Road winneraward
P13/Y4Faerie ScoopDuel Road teaching participant award
P14/Y4Inferno ScissorsCoroCoro Comic November 2005 Issue
P16/Y4Dark Jios, Lord of Dark DragonsCoroCoro Comic January 2006 Issue
P17/Y4Chain HelixCoroCoro Comic February 2006 Issue
P18/Y4Sky Soldier WingraiosDuel Road winner award
P19/Y4Fokker, Rider of the North WindDuel Road teaching participant award
P20/Y4X Revolver DragonCoroCoro Comic February 2006 Issue
P21/Y4MarinomancerThe Complete Cards File - Volume 7
P22/Y4Noble Enforcer
P23/Y4Neo Bolshack Dragon
P24/Y4Leopard Glory SwordCoroCoro Comic April 2006 Issue
P25/Y4Neo Bolshack DragonCoroCoro Ichiban 7
P26/Y4Magmadragon Gardos
P27/Y4Big Nasdeen, Great Veggie KingSQL participation award.
P28/Y4Dark Jios, Lord of Dark DragonsSQL Qualifiers Award
P29/Y4Dandy EggplantDuel Road winner award
P30/Y4Proteus, Spirit of Holy ForceDuel Road teaching participant award
P31/Y4Proteus, Spirit of Holy ForceLawson Legendary card
P32/Y4Surfy, the PatrollerLawson Legendary card
P33/Y4Crystal LancerLawson Legendary card
P34/Y4Funny CrawlerLawson Legendary card
P35/Y4GigadeusLawson Legendary card
P36/Y4Purgatory ForceLawson Legendary card
P37/Y4Twin-Cannon SkyterrorLawson Legendary card
P38/Y4Deadly Fighter Braid ClawLawson Legendary card
P39/Y4Rumbling TerahornLawson Legendary card
P40/Y4Poisonous MushroomLawson Legendary card
P41/Y4Helios Tiga DragonLawson Legendary card
P42/Y4Dark Salamandaz, White Tiger SwordsmanLawson Legendary card

Phoenix Saga - Year 5 (Gallery)

Number: Card Name: Obtained From:
P1/Y5Shushu of the SilverMcDonalds Happy Meal toy.
P2/Y5Grand Iron Man SilbustersMcDonalds Happy Meal toy.
P3/Y5Farmahat, Emperor of SpiritsMcDonalds Happy Meal toy.
P4/Y5Fuuma GarpulsMcDonalds Happy Meal toy.
P5/Y5Perionbris DragoonMcDonalds Happy Meal toy.
P6/Y5Mardes, Spirit KnightCoroCoro Comic June 2006 Issue
P7/Y5Shining Nova, Dragon Flame PhoenixCoroCoro Comic July 2006 Issue
P8/Y5Drazalk, Prisoned Dragonic Phoenix
P9/Y5Honoo, the Brave BlowDuel Masters Fighter Flame - Volume 1
P10/Y5Amitoaki, Explorer of AdventureDuel Road winner award
P11/Y5Brain Cyclone
P12/Y5Balbas, Lord of DevilsCoroCoro Comic August 2006 Issue
P13/Y5Demonic ViceThe Complete Cards File - Volume 8
P14/Y5Rengston, Spirit Knight
P15/Y5Commander Lucky LottofiveLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P16/Y5Fuuma Abyss MagmoorLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P17/Y5Flamenimal of WildfireLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P18/Y5Priusriser, Spirit KnightLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P19/Y5Search Armor GarongarLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P20/Y5Captain Super-RescueLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P21/Y5Pursuiting RaizenLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P22/Y5Zafal Banikis, Spirit KnightLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P23/Y5Roam, Spirit KnightLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P24/Y5Demomate EridanusLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P25/Y5Drazalk, Prisoned Dragonic PhoenixLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P26/Y5Rinpao, King of Speed EatingLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P27/Y5La Ura Giga, Sky GuardianLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P28/Y5Aqua GuardLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P29/Y5Choya, the UnheedingLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P30/Y5Necrodragon GilandLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P31/Y5Mikay, Rattling DollLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P32/Y5Shaman BroccoliLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P33/Y5Meteor Flash DragoonDuel Road point get.
P34/Y5Wheel Warrior W, Invincible WarriorCoroCoro Comic Issue
P35/Y5Jamseal, Spirit KnightLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P36/Y5Paladin S, Invincible WarriorLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P37/Y5Fuuma DaidologinusLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P38/Y5Flaremetal DragoonLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P39/Y5Banjo, the Super-energeticLawson Legendary card - Series 2
P40/Y5Iron Command DragoonDuel Road participation award
P41/Y5Terradragon MildgarmusDuel Road Winner Award
P42/Y5Osmosis Bullet Soul Skull HunterDuel Road winner award
P43/Y5Hopstep GrasshopperDuel Road participation award
P44/Y5Fuuma FernodalosCoroCoro Comic Issue
P45/Y5Painshoot DragoonDuel Road participation award
P46/Y5Bolmeteus Red Dragoon
P47/Y5Kira, of the Dragon SoundDuel Road winner award
P48/Y5Diamond Glorius, Light Divine DragonCoroCoro Comic Issue
P49/Y5Flaming Jet DragonCoroCoro Comic February 2007 Issue
P50/Y5Lip WoppeDuel Road participant award
P51/Y5Poppi LuckyDuel Road winner award
P52/Y5Loppo LoppoDuel Road winner award
P53/Y5Asteroid Mine, Optic CometCoroCoro Comic February 2007 Issue
P54/Y5Terradragon GeographanisThe Complete Cards File - Volume 9
P55/Y5Necrodragon Halberd
P56/Y5Terradragon GeobreedDuel Road participant award
P57/Y5Supernova Ixion Burning RaveCoroCoro Comic Issue
P58/Y5Seventh, Light Divine DragonDuel Road participant award
P59/Y5Vilan Legius, Battle Dragon
P60/Y5Vilan Legius, Battle DragonCoroCoro Ichiban Issue
P61/Y5Dragforce, Battle Phoenix Dragon
P62/Y5Supernova Ixion Burning RaveCard Game Expo 2007 award.
P63/Y5Cloud Fighter Mecha Master FingerDuel Road participant award
P64/Y5Fuuma Algors VaisonDuel Road Winner Award
P65/Y5Chivalrous Robo GentlemanDuel Road winner award
P66/Y5Aqua SwitchDuel Road participant award
P67/Y5Ambitious DragonDuel Road participant award

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