Hybrid Race
ハイブリッド種族 (Haiburiddo Shuzoku)
Japanese Wiki: 2421,

Hybrid Races are a kind of race that first appeared in DM-19 Spectacle Nova and featured throughout the Phoenix Saga.


Each of these 10 races appeared in 2 allied civilization pairs, mostly appearing with a single race and only 1 of those 2 civilizations at a time.

  • For example, Arc Seraphim were mostly either just a Light or Nature civilization creature.

They were commonly featuring the Sympathy, Launcher Energy spells, as well as creatures that supported their race with a Fort Energy or Thrilling Three ability, suggesting them to be played in Race decks.

These hybrid races had a corresponding Phoenix creature with a Galaxy Vortex evolution ability that could be summoned over 3 of these races (or 2 and another non hybrid race).

List of Hybrid Races and their Support Races

Civilizations: Hybrid Race: Support Race:
Light Water Great Mecha King Machine Hero.
Water Darkness Grand Devil Deep Marine.
Darkness Fire Tyranno Drake Brave Spirit.
Fire Nature Dreammate Vehicle Bee.
Light Nature Arc Seraphim Saint Head

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