• It can be seen from several Initiates' flavor texts that Hanusa is the one who created, or at least activated the Initiates.
  • Hanusa's translated Japanese name is Shauna. If you rearrange the letters in "Shauna", one of the results is "Hanusa".
  • Hanusa has a Darkness counterpart with Deathliger, Lion of Chaos. They are both creatures with a mana cost of 7 and are Quasi-Vanilla Super Rares from DM-01. Each card has Double breaker and have similar powers of 9500 and 9000 respectively. They are from the main creature races of their time, Angel Command and Demon Command respectively.
  • This creature has the highest power in the Base Set.
  • This creature has the foremost card number of any card released in main sets.
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  • This card uses the same artwork of Radiant, the Lawbringer from the Kaijudo franchise.

Hanusa, Radiance Elemental