Japanflag Japanese: ガーディアン (Gādian)
Released In: DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
DM-01 Base Set
Civilization(s): Light / Darkness / Zero
Japanese Wiki: 163
Category for Guardian.

Guardian is a race of creature primarily in the Light Civilization.



In the OCG, Guardian creatures all follow the naming scheme "<thing>の守護者 <name>". 守護者 (Shugosha) is a literal "guardian".

Evolution creatures use 守護聖天 (Shugo Seiten) as their full title. 守護 (Shugo) refers to protection, and 聖天 (Seiten) is short for 聖天使 (Seitenshi), which refers to a high-ranked being that resides in the celestial plane (but not specifically an angel). Thus, the name can mean something like "Guardian Angel".

A multi-race Guardian will feature the identifier 護聖 (Gosei), which is a portmanteau of "protection" and "sacred", and is likely taken from the evolution name.


In the TCG, Guardian creatures have "Guardian" in their names and follow the format "<name>, <thing> Guardian".

Evolution creatures consistently use a format of "<name>, the <adjective>", such as Ladia Bale, the Inspirational. The adjective is different for each creature, and the name always consists of two words.


Well-known Guardians include; La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian, a cheap costing Blocker, Falconer, Lightfang Ninja a surprising defensive summon during your opponents turn, and Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian a source of draw power that was later restricted to 1 in the Hall of Fame.

During the events of the Episode 2 block, they appeared as monocolored creatures in the Darkness and Zero Civilization.


Guardians serve as defenders of the Light Civilization. Upon detection of any alien invasion, they automatically swoop in, swarm over the intruder, and eradicate it. Only Light Bringers can stop the Guardians.

Shaped like birds for increased mobility, Guardians can vary in size from automobiles to tanks. Like Berserkers, they are comprised of alloy pieces, connected with an energy force field.

In the Events of DM-17, Silver Glory unleashed a defense system solely for itself as a response to the Evolution Cross Gear's rampage, and the guardians found out that at that time Civilization does not matter. Therefore, they started guarding creatures of other civilizations. This can be seen as a foreshadowing of the events in Episode 2.

In Episode 2, The thoughts of "Defending against intruders" and "Defending all creatures regardless of civilization" of the Guardians has been turned into self-conflict and this caused the Zenith known as Shangri-La, Climax of "Cruelty" to spawn from it. Therefore, it decided to destroy all civilizations in order to end the "Suffering" of the world. Ironically, aside of Shangri-La itself, all of the guardians of Episode 2 resemble comical-looking aquatic creatures or birds.

Despite they are the final boss of Episode 2, they seemed to do nothing aside of helping the Darkness Angel Commands for a bit until near the end of the block.

They are used by Nanmo Nai in Duel Masters victory V. While he is not an antagonist unlike Shangri-La in the background story, He is the final opponent that Katta fights in the season and is seen using Shangri-La in that duel.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Fol Regaia, Spiral Light Guardian Each of your other Guardians and Wild Veggies in the battle zone gets +3000 power.
Maria Necks, Guardian of the Spirit Capital At the end of each of your turns, untap one of your Guardians or Arc Seraphim in the battle zone.
Nanmo Nai, Holy Heaven Guardian Each of your other Guardians in the battle zone gets +2000 power.

Creatures that evolve from Guardians:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Arc Bine, the Astounding 1x Guardian.
Force Rude, Holy Heaven Guardian 1x Guardian.
Glena Vuele, the Hypnotic 1x Guardian.
Ladia Bale, the Inspirational 1x Guardian.
Larba Geer, the Immaculate 1x Guardian.
Loth Rix, the Iridescent 1x Guardian.
Supernova Venus la Saint Mother Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Guardian, Great Mecha King, and/or Arc Seraphim.
Shangri-La, Climax of "Cruelty" Super Infinite evolution Omega
One or more Guardian.
Tars Kerukeruyo, Holy Heaven Guardian 1x Guardian.
When one of your other Guardian creatures would be destroyed, you may put that creature under this creature instead of the graveyard.



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