Graveyard Summon
墓地召喚 (Bochi Shōkan)
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A Graveyard Summon is a variant of the summon keyword action.


Instead of summoning the creature from your hand into the battle zone, you put a creature from your graveyard into the battle zone.

It first appeared on the evolution creature Hades, Emperor of Death who is able to summon any of your creature from your graveyard.

Hyper Overthrow, Nation's Strongest Sumo later appeared able to summon any Alien.

Hades, Emperor of Death
Darkness / Evolution Creature / Dark Lord / 8 / 9000
■ Graveyard evolution—Choose a darkness creature in your graveyard and put this creature into the battle zone on top of that creature.

■ You may summon a creature from your graveyard during your turn.

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Bruce, Dead or Alive also appeared able to summon non-evolution Outrage or Death Puppet creatures as well as itself.

While similar to cards that can put creatures into the battle zone for no cost or by Reanimate, they are not considered to be a "summon" as they do not use the word "summon" and use "put" instead.

As it is an ability focused on the Graveyard, each card that can Graveyard Summon is from the Darkness Civilization.


The Mana Cost of the creature you want to summon must still be tapped and paid for like a regular cost.

Cards that can Graveyard Summon

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