墓地 (Bochi)
Japanese Wiki: 1442,

The Graveyard is the gameplay zone where destroyed creatures in the battle zone or discarded cards from your hand are placed in.


The cards put into the graveyard are placed face up next to your deck. There is no limit to the number of cards that your graveyard can contain. The graveyard does not have uses by itself and cards in there are impossible to recover without various card effects, but various deck types can be utilized to benefit with it, so sometimes directly destroying creatures and discarding cards isn't the best option.

Related Categories

  • For cards that put creatures in your graveyard into the battle zone, see Reanimate.
  • For cards that return creatures from your graveyard into your hand, see Creature Recovery.
  • For cards that return spells from your graveyard into your hand, see Spell Recovery.

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