Grand Devil
Japanflag Japanese: グランド・デビル (Gurando Debiru)
Released In: DM-19 Spectacle Nova
Civilization(s): Water / Darkness
Japanese Wiki: 214
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Grand Devil is a race of creature shared between the Water and Darkness civilizations.


This race is introduced as part of the cycle of races during the Phoenix Saga.


Grand Devil creatures and multicolored or multi-race creatures have ふう (Fūma) meaning Fuuma (or Sealed Devil) in their names.

Evolution creatures have こう (Makō) meaning "Devil Emperor" as a suffix.


Evolution Creatures usually have a goddess statue as a part of their body.


Many Grand Devils work in unison with Deep Marines, as well as sharing the civilizations.

They are the descendants of Demon Commands and have the ability to absorb other creatures into their bodies. As a result, their appearance varies between individuals, from resembling Wasps, resembling Birds and creatures that are purely wicked in design.

In the background story, they worked in conjunction with the Tyranno Drakes and used Hell Hand to forcibly revive the Dragons. They are responsible for the creation of Death Arcadia, Devil Saint, the Poseidia Dragons, and the Apollonia Dragons which never existed in the ancient world. Some also fused with the dragons they revived as well.

In the events of Episode 3, they attempted to absorb the God Novas in order to get their power but were converted along with other races.

Although some take a female form, it is unknown if those Grand Devils are actually female as they simply possess other creatures.

It is implied that while they may not be as strong as Demon Commands, they are certainly some of the most evil and wicked creatures in the Duel Masters world.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Demomate Eridanus ■ Each of your Grand Devils in the battle zone get +2000 power and can't be blocked.
Fuuma Soul Avals ■ Whenever this creature is attacking your opponent and isn't blocked, choose a non-evolution Grand Devil or non-evolution Deep Marine from your graveyard and put it into the battle zone.
Garam Masala, Izanai's Fuuma Kourin—At the end of your turn, if this creature is tapped, search your deck. You may put a Grand Devil that costs 7 or less from among it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.
Gort, God of Sealing ■ This creature and all of your creatures that share a race with this creature get "slayer".
Gigandol, Evil Obstacle ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Put all revealed Grand Devil and Deep Marine into your graveyard, then put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order. If no Grand Devil or Deep Marine are revealed, destroy this creature.
Jumasol, Bloodcurdling Fuuma ■ Each of your Grand Devils in the battle zone and in your graveyard are also Demon Commands.
Medical Alnair ■ Whenever one of your Grand Devils is destroyed, you may return it to your hand instead.

Creatures that evolve from Grand Devils:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Asteroid Gellum, Dark Comet Vortex evolution
2x Grand Devil, Deep Marine and/or Zombie Dragon
Balbas, Lord of Devils 1x Grand Devil
Astimart, Lord of Devils 1x Grand Devil
Grenbelk, Devil Emperor 1x Grand Devil
Supernova Betelgeuse Final Cannon Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Great Mecha King, Grand Devil and/or Poseidia Dragon
Supernova Black Hole Thanatos Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Grand Devil, Tyranno Drake, Deep Marine and/or Brave Spirit
Goal Life Gate: Grand Devil, Tyranno Drake, Deep Marine, Brave Spirit (When this creature is destroyed, you may return all Grand Devils, Tyranno Drakes, Deep Marines, and Brave Spirits from your graveyard to your hand. If you do, put this creature on the bottom of your deck instead of into your graveyard.)