For No Cost
コスト踏み倒し (Kosuto Fumitaoshi)
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For No Cost refers to various card abilities that allow you to play other cards without tapping any cards in your mana zone and paying for its cost.


Most of these cards include コストを支払わずに (Kosuto o Shiharawazu ni) which means "for no cost" in their card text.

It refers to mainly cards that do the following;

Named Abilities such as Shield Trigger, Gravity Zero and Strike Back and Ninja Strike allow you to play creatures and spells for no cost when the varying conditions are met.

Unnamed abilities such as Reanimate and Recruit are a kind of "for no cost" ability, even though they don't specifically mention the phrase in the card text.

Abilities that allow you to play cards "For No Cost"

Keyword Abilities

Ability Words

Unnamed Abilities

For No Cost cards

Mentions "For No Cost"
Doesn't explicitly mention "For no Cost"

Anti-For No Cost cards

Cards that have an effect when cards are played for no cost.

Anti-For No Cost card: Card Effect:
Batrevenge, Passion DragonRevenge Chance—At the end of each of your opponent's turns, if he put a creature from his hyperspatial zone into the battle zone, you may summon this creature for no cost.
Entertainer of Stealing and LyingWhenever your opponent puts a creature into the battle zone without paying its cost, destroy that creature.
Magnum, Allshot PuppetWhenever a player casts a spell or puts a creature or cross gear into the battle zone without tapping cards in his mana zone, that player chooses one of his creatures and destroys it.
Magnum, Fast Attack PuppetWhenever a player puts a creature into the battle zone without tapping cards in his mana zone, destroy that creature.
Queen Alcadeias, Dark GaiaYour opponent can't cast spells for no cost.

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