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Exile Creatures are a card type of creature that was introduced in DMR-09 Episode 3: Rage vs God.


Each of the Exile Creatures feature a sun-like Exile Creature symbol symbol next to the エグザイル・クリーチャー (Exile Creature) written on their card name.

Like regular creatures, they are placed in your deck, and can attack or block in the battle zone.

Each Exile Creature has the Doron Go keyword ability that triggers when they are destroyed that allows you to put a creature with a certain Card Name from your hand into the battle zone that is shared with the destroyed exile creature.

They also have an unnamed "uniqueness" ability that prevents you from having 2 exile creatures with similar card names in the battle zone at the same time.

  • However, if they are evolved over by an evolution creature and the top card of that creature is removed (by a card such as Royal Durian) the Exile Creature can stay in the battle zone as they are not considered to be put in the battle zone in that case as they were already there in play.

List of Exile Creatures

DMR-09 Episode 3: Rage vs God

Exile Creature: Doron Go/Uniqueness:
Nike, Cosmo Cosmos
Michaelangelo, Cosmo Beauty
Cosmo (宇宙, コスモ)
Robby, Cho Alchemy
Robin Hood, Mutcha Alchemy
Alchemy (合金, アルケミー)
Bhutan, Piggy Blues
British, Hell Blues
Blues (魔槍, ブルース)
Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon
Katsuking, Kung Fu Shogun
Kung Fu (武闘, カンフー)
Global, Matter Horn
Goromaru, Horn Horn
Horn (鼓笛, ホルン)

DMR-10 Episode 3: Dead & Beat

Exile Creature: Doron Go/Uniqueness:
Kooman, Hell PrinceShizuku, Water Byte
Majikkuma Taki, Byte Hell
Hyaku Sen, Byte (百仙, バイト)
Enma, Hell (閻魔. ヘル)
Kinjiro, Gonbuto MashSunsun, Get Treasure
Shining Kinji, Gonbuto Treasure
Gonbuto, Kinjiro (極太, 菌次郎)
Treasure, Sunsun (太陽, サンサン)

DMR-11 Episode 3: Ultra Victory Master

Exile Creature: Doron Go/Uniqueness:
Bhutan POP, Shenton
British ROCK, Shentonginus
Ultra Knight Punk, Shentury
Shenton (神豚, シェントン)
Shen (神, シェン)
Katsudon GO!, Victorage
Katsuking GANG, Victorage Caliber
Katsumaster, Outrage Victory
Outrage (無法, アウトレイジ)
Out (無, アウ)
Testa Rossa, Last Burning Has the Burning Doron Go ability.
Testa Rossa (テスタ・ロッサ)
Michaela Jenne, Miss Universe No Doron Go ability.
Miss Universe (天空美麗, ミス・ユニバース)
Robin Champ, Orichalcum Wizard No Doron Go ability.
Orichalum Wizard (錬金魔砲, オリハルコン・ウィザード)
Global Rise, Show Must Go-on No Doron Go ability.
Show Must Go-on (翔帆轟音, ショー・マスト・ゴーオン)

DMD-11 Forbidden Transform Deck: The Book of Outrage

Exile Creature: Doron Go/Uniqueness:
Arashi, Cross Boy
Hurricane, Cross Fire
Cross (暴剣, クロス)

DMD-13 Super Deck MAX: Katsuking and Treasures of Legend

Exile Creature: Doron Go/Uniqueness:
Don Katsudon, Outlaw
Katsuking MAX, Outlaw Caliber
Outlaw (無敵, アウトロー)
Out (無, アウ)

DMR-12 Episode 3: Omega Climax

Exile Creature: Doron Go:
Katsumugen, Climax
Katsudon DASH, God Eater
Climax Doron Go
Death Metal Punk, Spear Dance
Bhutan Jackson, Thriller Dance
Ultra Doron GoDance (乱舞, ダンス)
Robby Robin, Mechanko Friends
Nike Michaelan, Lovely Friends
Goromaru Global, Baribari Friends
Robin Michaelan Global, Friends Power
Trio Doron GoFriends (友情, フレンズ)


Exile Creature: Doron Go/Uniqueness:
Dorapon, Little Gunman
Drago Revolver, Gungun Gunman
Gunman (拳銃, ガンマン)


Support Creature: Effect:
Harvest of Bhutan Return 2 exile creatures from your graveyard to your hand.
Discovery, Recruiter When you put this creature into the battle zone, look at the top 5 cards of your deck. You may take an exile creature from among them, show that exile creature to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then, put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.
Katsu Tonfa, Secret Exile Attack Chance: Exile Creature (When one of your exile creatures attack, you may cast this spell for no cost.)
This turn, one of your creatures gets +6000 power and breaks an additional shield. When that creature attacks, after the attack, you may destroy that creature.
Salix, Coleman You may summon exile creatures from your mana zone. While this creature is face-up in your shield zone, all of your exile creatures get +3000 power.



Official Rulings

  • Q: What kind of creature is an "Exile Creature"?
    • A: "Exile Creature" is a new type of creature. Like normal creatures, your summon and put into them into battle zone and are used to attack your opponent and their creatures. They each have the enhanced "Outrage MAX" race, in place of Outrage (with the exception of Katsumugen, Climax).

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