Evil Soul
Japanflag Eエヴィル・ソウル (Evu~iru Sōru)
DM-36 Psychic Shock
Japanese Wiki: 4352
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Evil Soul is a soul found primarily on creatures in the Darkness Civilization.


The Evil Soul is often paired with the Soul Recall keyword, as well as the Hell's Soul Recall and Annihilating Soul Recall variant.

In DM-38 Angelic Wars, it was paired with Holy Soul, and cards that supported the graveyard appeared.

Creatures with Evil Soul had artworks based on fallen angels. Many illustrations feature black or purple ringed objects.


Fuuma Beelzebub
Darkness / Creature / Grand Devil / 4 / 3000
■ Soul Recall 3 (Whenever this creature attacks, you may put 3 cards in your graveyard on the bottom of your deck in any order. If you do, you may use this creature's Soulrecall ability.)
Soulrecall Put an Evilsoul (Evil Soul) creature that costs 5 or less from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Evilsoul Evil Soul


Each of these cards are also supported or evolved evolved on by cards that affect "Soul".

Support Card: Card Effect:
Anvil, the Ghostly Count ■ Whenever your other Evilsoul Evil Soul creatures are destroyed, your opponent chooses one of their creatures and destroys it.
Fuuma Beelzebub Soul Recall 3: Put an Evilsoul Evil Soul creature that costs 5 or less from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Globface, Unearther of Graves ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may return one of your Evilsoul Evil Soul creatures in your graveyard to your hand.
Necrodragon Gebuki Baza Soul Recall 5: Each of your other Evilsoul Evil Soul creatures in the battle zone gets +5000 power and break an additional shield until the end of the turn.

Creatures that evolve from Evil Soul creatures

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Jack Liger, the Endless Abyss Put on one of your Evilsoul Evil Soul creatures.

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