• Earthstomp Giant is one of the Signature Creatures available that Knight gives to Trey in his story mode.
  • Apparently, Earthstomp Giant has little to no control over its destructive attacks, and hurts the forests more than those caused by the very invaders it is trying to repel.
  • Despite it's Japanese name is "天空の超人", (Tenkū no chōjin, Meaning "Superman of the Sky") and it's kanji says "Aerial Giant", (エアリアル・ジャイアント) It has no relations with the sky nor does it fly at all. It may be meaning that the giant being as tall as the skies.
  • Mimi used this card against Shobu in the first season of the anime. When she summoned it, she explains this creature is the largest creature in the Nature Civilization according to Beast Folk legend even though Stratosphere Giant is clearly shown as the largest giant in appearance.
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  • This card uses the same artwork and name of Earthstomp Giant from the Kaijudo franchise.

Earthstomp Giant