Earth Dragon
Japanflag Japanese: アース・ドラゴン (Āsu Doragon)
Released In: DM-08
Civilization(s): Nature
Group of Races: Dragon
Japanese Wiki: 79
Category for Earth Dragon.

Earth Dragon is a race of Dragon creature in the Nature Civilization.


In the TCG, they have "Terradragon" as a prefix, while evolution creatures have "Super Terradragon" as a prefix.

In the OCG, they have 緑神龍りょくしんりゅう (Ryokushinryū, meaning "Green Divine Dragon") in their names while evolution creatures have 超神龍ちょうしんりゅう (Chōshinryū, meaning "Super Divine Dragon") in their names.

Creatures with multiple races have 無双むそう (Musō) meaning "Matchless".


Support Card: Card Effect:
Malulu, Fairy of the Snowy Valley SaverEarth Dragon

Creatures that evolve from Earth Dragons:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Asteroid Gaia, Ground Comet Vortex evolution
2x Dreammates, Vehicle Bees, and/or Earth Dragons
Supernova Lyra Bolstorm Galaxy Vortex evolution
3x Zombie Dragons, Armored Dragons, and/or Earth Dragons
Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity Vortex evolution
1x Fire Bird and 1x Earth Dragon
See also: Support for Dragon creatures




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