Dune Gecko
Japanflag Japanese: デューンゲッコー (De~yūn Gekkō)
Released In: DM-06
Civilization(s): Fire
Japanese Wiki: 132
Category for Dune Gecko.

Dune Gecko is a race of creature in the Fire Civilization.


They each feature リザード (Lizard) as a suffix.


Dune Geckos are unique in the sense that there are only 4 creatures belonging to its race, with no evolutions or any evolutions evolving from Dune Geckos.


Dune Geckos inhabit the deserts and hills in the Fire civilization. They are resistant to heat and sensitive to water. Their long bodies and numerous legs resemble that of a centipede. Wild and violent, with sharp claws and fangs, they have fierce appetites. Trained Dune Geckos are equipped with primitive, medieval armor like shells. Their large bodies can snake in and around sand dunes for effective attacking and blocking. Despite their lack of intelligence, some have also been trained for use as transportation vehicles.


Dune Geckoes don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures.



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