Bucketman and Yuu
Duel Masters Cross, Episode
DM-Cross 47
Japanese Name バケツマンと幽
Air date February 28th, 2009
Episode guide
A Voice of the Bucketman

Bucketman and Yuu (バケツマンと幽) is the 47th episode in the Duel Masters Cross season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Spectral man duel with bucket, before the strength of the Spectre, the man they lost a bucket. Then a bucket under the man's feelings have continued to travel back to his senses and go with the Spectre, Spectre and dance win a duel. Spectre was relentless tactics pay out, in her ear, the voice of the man Hibiku bucket from somewhere. "Do you remember ... secluded ..." The man of sorrow I should have been delete buckets, as if they had been talking directly into the minds of Spectra


Weekly Cards

Spectral wins duel with Mai, Borushakku・ ・ Yamato combo attacks were triggered Spectre Dragon! Potemkin - Demon Castle Mystery Castle - the cards can be 重Nere fortify your shield, if you have to attack other creatures, that creature can be destroyed after the attack!

In addition, the evolution of creatures unseen warrior] [Orashion the castle if the shield zone, but will also trigger shield card! Comes into the battle zone, one more per sheet shield his castle, one that can tap other creatures also just out a card with [Castle] to exert when it is!

勝舞と幽のデュエル、ボルシャック・大和・ドラゴンの攻撃に対して幽が発動させたコンボ! 【怪魔城ポチョムキン】は城のカードで、自分のシールドに重ねれば要塞化することができ、相手クリーチャーがアタックしてきた場合、アタック後にそのクリーチャーを破壊することができる!


Mysterious Castle - Potemkin + Oracion, Mysterious Samurai

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