Duel Masters
Japanflag デュエル・マスターズ
(De~yueru Masutāzu)
Symbol(s): DM
Previous: Revolution Final
Japanese Wiki: 2455

Duel Masters is the 16th block of card sets in the Duel Masters trading card game.


List of Sets

It is composed of sets released after March 25, 2017.





It also features promotional cards from Year 16.


After Final Dogiragolden's war against Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon and his forces ended, all life on the Dragon Saga world was wiped out. In place of dragons, new lifeforms had flourished.

These new lifeforms are the Jokers, Metallica, Mutopia, Mafi Gang, Beat Jockey and the Gransect.

This changed world is connected by a pillar with LightWater and Nature in the top of the pillar and Fire in the most bottom of it. Darkness was excluded from the pillar and covers the rest of the world.

There are also the Jokers, who are colorless like the Zeniths. Nobody knows why they are there but the Beat Jockeys have encountered them personally.

It focuses on the fight between the Jokers forces created by Joe Kirifuda and his rivals.



It is a block aimed at "returning to the origin" of the game, featuring a block icon of DM referring to the game itself D(uel) M(asters), classic civilization conflict, revival of forgotten races and creature types (Such as Insects, Plants, Sealife and Abstract Objects), and revivals of old creatures such as Roaring Great-Horn and Super Explosive Volcanodon.

  • Card power vastly drops, focusing on anti-meta instead of improving the meta.

Competitive Environment

DMRP-01 Stage

The new environment of DMRP-01 introduces a few new races and strategies, but only Jokers made it to the top due to its powerful one shot quick kill abilities using Jolly the Johnny which allows a quick win with Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction, Danganoh, Super Special Q which can break all the opponent's shields in turn 4, and sometimes the player can even use Yattareman or The Ramen to cast 2 Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction and break all the opponent's shields at once. Niyare Get, Zero Trick also assisted these types of decks a lot as it is a 3 card hand replenishment in turn 2.

Aside of that MaltNEXT and Goemonkey Loop continued to exist in the metagame despite restrictions, and became the top tier of the metagame themselves.

Rosia Miradante and Dormageddon X continued to exist and Mono Fire Redzone evolved into a more stable Water Fire Redzone decktype with Onikamas, Strange Flow as a additional method to stop for no cost tramples. Onikamas also allows this type of Redzone to stop rival for no cost tramples. Onikamas is also extremely difficult to remove and thus Dogiragon Buster 3 turn kill, Cylinder Miradante and other for no cost rushes that do not have any way to remove it dropped out of favor.

Due to the disappearance of Mega Manalock Dragon and Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon, Dogiragon Buster decks made themselves into a variant where they would use multiple civilizations and hyperspatial spells and also sometimes Cyberdice Vegas, Gambling Expert of D and Hyperspatial Gallows Hole for defense.

DMRP-02 Stage

During this environment, Earth Ripper, Talon of Rage, Fighting Musubi, Sanmadd, S-Rank Tribe, Scramble Change, Unidentified Objective and Babelginus, Demonic Dragon were announced to be restricted, severely weakening Goemonkey Loop and completely destroying the short lived Bashginus decktype. The Justice Loop decktype was also severely weakened as well and MaltNEXT slows down. However, removing Babelginus also kills all reanimate-type decks, thus causing criticism for players who liked these strategies.

In the other hand, due to the appearance of Bad Brand, the Beat Jockey deck type ascended to the lower meta category, being able to rush most decks with impunity.

Competitive Decks

Important Cards

New cards:

Old cards:



  • The block is named after the titular game itself.
  • This is the first time where the cards used by the major protagonist has nothing to do with the Fire Civilization.
  • Many of the lower rarity cards in this block are references to older and often forgotten creatures.

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