This is a listing of each deck in the Shadow of the Code video game.

List of Decks

Ghost Deck

Human Deck

Initiate Deck

Dragon Deck

DFN Survivor Deck

Dragon X Deck

LW Aqua Deck

Card Advantage Deck

Hand Madness Deck

FN Survivor Deck

DN Survivor Deck

Death Deck

Beast Revenge Deck

Swift Slayer Deck

WN Survivor Deck

DFN Survivor X Deck

Flood War Deck

Nature Strength Deck

Haunted Deck

Power Evo Deck

Regenerative Deck

Battleship Deck

Chimera Deck

Fire Power Deck

Fire Rush Deck

Tap Madness Deck

Never End Deck

Spin Deck

Giant Insect Deck

Cyber Virus Deck

Water Shielded Deck

Dark Hurricane Deck

Zombie Dragon Deck

Dark Emperor Deck

DF Rush Deck

Armored Dragon X Deck

Immunity Deck

Dragonoid Deck

Mech Thunder Deck

Guardian Deck

Mariel Deck

Earth Dragon Deck

Beast Folk X Deck

Tree Folk X Deck

Water People X Deck

Cyber Lord Deck

WN Rush Deck

Giant Insect X Deck

Characters Decks

Knight's Deck

Shobu's Deck


Mimi's Deck

Rekuta's Deck

Kokujo's Deck

Su's Deck

Kyle's Deck

Jack's Deck

Kim's Deck

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