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Duel Masters: Haouden Gachi!!
デュエル・マスターズ覇王伝 ガチ!!
CoroCoro G Magazine
Release: November 2010
Author: Fujisaki Machito
Booktype: Paperback Pocket Edition
Publisher: Coro Coro Comics
Distributor: Ladybug Comics
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Haouden Gachi!! is a series of the Duel Masters Manga,


  • This series first few chapters were published in Coro Coro G magazine as a one-shot manga.
  • After one year the first volume of this series was published in official CoroCoro Comics.
  • After its great success, the manga has started publishing as an ongoing series. The remainder of the volumes were first published in Coro Coro G magazine before being released in collected editions.
  • A preview of each volume is shown on the Coro Coro G website.


The story focuses on an alternate universe featuring junior high school students led by a duelist named Taiga, who plays against a group of delinquents lead by the "King Lion," Shishio.


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