Japanflag ドリームメイト
Phonetic: Dorīmumeito
Released In: DM-19 Spectacle Nova
Civilization(s): Fire / Nature
Japanese Wiki: 537
Category for Dreammate.

Dreammate is a race of creature shared between the Fire and Nature civilizations.


This race is introduced as part of the cycle of races during the Phoenix Saga.


They are supported by Vehicle Bees.

They are the descendants of Beast Folk and resemble cute and deformed animals. Due to influence of the Fire Civilization, they are able to utilize technology unlike their ascendants.

While earlier released Dreammate creatures were from the Fire and Nature civilization, Dreammates in Episode 2 were exclusively from the Nature civilization. Most of them are also seen sleeping or waking up as well.


Evolution creatures feature "Amazing Artiste" (大作家) in their name and hold pencils or brushes. This only exception to this is Kenji Panda Nelra, Tyrannical Shogun.


Support Card: Card Effect:
1st Lt. Pen Pen, Special Forest Commander ■ Each of your other Dreammates gets +1000 power.
■ Whenever another of your Dreammates would be put into your graveyard from the battle zone, you may put it into your mana zone instead.
Ferret-kun of Starry Night ■ When this creature is destroyed, you may put 2 Dreammate creatures from your mana zone into the battle zone.
Miss Mei, Forest of Sleeping ■ When you would untap this creature, you may reveal the top card of your deck instead. If it's a Dreammate, you may put it into the battle zone. Otherwise, put it into your mana zone.
Prisoned Pakoneko ■ Each of your other Dreammates in the battle zone gets +1000 power.
■ When this creature would battle, you may choose another of your Dreammates in the battle zone. Those creature battles instead.
Yu Wandafor, Phantom Beast Admiral ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Add all Dreammate and Vehicle Bee from the revealed cards into your hand, then put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Creatures that evolve from Dreammates

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Asteroid Gaia, Ground Comet 2x Dreammate, Vehicle Bee and/or Earth Dragon
Edgar King Lion, Amazing Artiste 1x Dreammate or Origin
Grimm Grime, Amazing Artiste 1x Dreammate
Chudersen, Amazing Artiste 1x Dreammate
Homelos, Amazing Artiste 1x Dreammate or Origin
Kenji Panda Nelra, Tyrannical Shogun 1x Dreammate
Whenever this creature attacks, reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a non-evolution Dreammate or Vehicle Bee, you may put it into the battle zone.
Legendary Sante Gat De Paco 1x Dreammate
■ Your creatures that have Dreammate in their race may cost 1 less to summon. They can't cost less than 1. Whenever one of your other Dreammate is put into the battle zone, draw a card.
Shiba, Amazing Artiste 1x Dreammate
Supernova Jupiter King Empire 3x Dreammate, Arc Seraphim and/or Wild Veggies
Supernova Bigbang Anastathis 3x Arc Seraphim, Dreammate, and/or Great Mecha King
Xenon Da Vinci, Master of Space 1x Giant, Dreammate or Origin
■ Whenever your evolution creatures are destroyed, you may put a non-evolution Giant, Dreammate, or Origin from your mana zone into the battle zone.