Deck Ultimate Perfection!! Due-Max 160 ~Revolution & Invasion~

DMX-20 pack

Translation: Deck Ultimate Perfection!! Due-Max 160 ~Revolution & Invasion~
Gallery: DMX-20 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: July 18th, 2015
Next Set: DMX-21 Masters Chronicle Pack: Comic of Heroes
Previous Set: DMX-19 Super Rare 100% Pack
Block: Revolution
Set Symbol: Rev

Deck Ultimate Perfection!! Due-Max 160 ~Revolution & Invasion~ is the 20th DMX set in the OCG.


This set is created in order to allow new players access tournament worthy cards easier, but for some reason a few basic cards such as Jasmine, Mist Faerie/Faerie Life, Energy Stream and Aquan Jr.'s Delivery are missing, (Although the latter is not reprinted possibly because this block promotes mono-civilization strategies, while Faerie Life is included in DMR-17) so it is impossible to build a deck only using cards from this set.

2 Ragnarok, the Clocks are especially noteworthy for this set due to it's high reversal effect and rarity.

  • This set features 68 cards, including;
    • 21 No Rarity
    • 13 Rares
    • 18 Uncommons
    • 16 Commons
  • This set contains the following:
    • 160 playable cards, including 6 foil cards
    • A Storage Box (Can be sometimes difficult to close due to the box design)
    • A tutorial comic
    • A tutorial about the cards included in this set
    • 2 Faction Cards; Revolutionary and Invader. The Revolutionary card is also a 2000 Due-Yen token.
  • 6 cards receive full-frame new artwork from each faction; These are:
  • The cards in this set have Flavor Text that teach the player how to play the game, as well as recommending the player to have at least 8 Shield Triggers in their deck for a good reversal chance. However, some cards have recycled flavor text.

Contents of the tutorial comic

The story starts with Katta and Lucifer teaching the basics of the game, then after Katta finishes teaching about Shield Triggers, Basara, Hakase, and Rambo arrives and beat Katta up in order to have him teach new tactics. Basara then duels Katta and sends out a few creatures to break his shields, only to have Katta send out Jigon, Revolution Dragon and destroy his creatures using it's Revolution ability. Then Basara sends out SA-Double, Super Lightning Sonic to give all of his creatures Speed Attacker and defeats Katta. After the revolution and invasion tutorials, Katta, Lucifer, Kojiro, Basara, Rambo and Hakase teach the player how to use the foil cards of this set, After that, each character claims their trump cards are the best and fights each other. Finally the fight stops and Katta says the parting word of the comic.

New Cards

It introduces 12 new cards:


No Rarity

Rare Rare

Uncommon Uncommon

Common Common


DMX-20 set advertisement00:31

DMX-20 set advertisement

DMX-20 advertisement.


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