DMSD-02 Kira's Labyrinth


Translation: Kira's Labyrinth
Gallery: DMSD-02 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: March 25, 2017
Civilization(s): Light
Main Race(s): Metallica
Next Set: DMSD-03 Boltz's Bad Action Dynamite
Previous Set: DMSD-01 Joe's Jokers
Block: Duel Masters DM

Kira's Labyrinth is the 2nd DMSD set in the OCG.


This deck is based on the Metallica race.

New Cards:


(Cards marked with a ☆ are exclusive to this deck.)

Contents sorted by Civilizations

Light Light Civilization: 40

How to reinforce

Remove: Insert:
Prasute, Strange Stone x4 Shouten, Stellar Guidance x4
Rockcrusher, Earth's Wrath x2 Wonder Turtle, Great Labyrinth Turtlex2
Stop Charger x3 Novalty Amaze x3
Memento Guardian Shrine, Prison Court of D
Sokola, Strange Stone x3 Sky Chain, Red Wrath x3
Shine Arrow x4 Bernine, Dragon Armoredx4
White Night, Edge of Yin Yang x2 Ov Sidiax2
Amber, Strange Stone x2 Immovable, Proud Soul x2
Ka Doubler, Red Attack Silver x2 Orlilia, Flash of Justice x2
Rudolgo, Strange Stonex3 Holy, Flash Guardian x3
(Optional; You may keep them to be spammed by Shouten)


DMRP-01, DMSD-01 and DMSD-02 set advertisement00:31

DMRP-01, DMSD-01 and DMSD-02 set advertisement

DMRP-01, DMSD-01 and DMSD-02 advertisement.

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